Mod Title Version Description Author Location
 Automatic DST   2.0.1   Allows users to choose Daylight Savings Time (DST) automatically instead of having to set it twice a year. The basis for this adjustment are the web server's time settings. Also, DST adjustments are now determined for each date instead of just being globally applied. Visitors will be affected by the setup of the guest account. Newly registering users will inherit the "Automatic" option should they live in the board's native time zone. MartectX
 Avatar on Memberlist   1.0.0   Displays a small thumbnail of users avatars on the member list. -- Rolling your mouse over the thumbnail will show the full size avatar. Highway of Life
 Categorize Announcements and Stickies   1.0.0   This MOD will separate the topics in viewforum into Global Announcements, Announcements, Stickies and Normal Topics. Global Announcements are displayed first, followed by Announcements, Stickies, and Topics. Global Announcements / Announcements will be sorted by last post date, instead of topic start date. Ash Hi Fi Zone
 Character Countdown   0.0.3   Displays the amount of characters the user has typed while posting a message. Xtracker!
 Contact board administration   1.0.10   Allows guests and/or registered users to either send an email to admins or to either send a PM or make a Post in a designated forum. Allows an admin to choose to have attachments for forum post or PMs. Also allows an admin to allow checking against forum email and/or user names. RMcGirr83
 Country Flags   3.0.6   Are you a true patriot? This MOD allows your registered users to select the flag of their country. Their country flags will then display thoughout the phpBB system. You can select a default country flag for usergroups. You also can manage these flags (edit/delete/add), change some settings, set country flag for users/groups... in ACP, and in UCP for usergroups. nedka
 DM Multi Zodiacs   1.0.0   This mod will add different zodias to your forum. You will see them in view topic view, as well as in the users profile. Images created by darko, will be found for European, American Indian and Chinese zodiacs. Felix Mueller
 DM Video   1.0.5   This mod will add a video page to your forum, where you can show videos as provided by YouTube, MyVideo or other providers, which offer embedded codes to copy. Videos can be added by the users, but need approval by the administrator. Also they can enter a description or whatever they like, if they want. You can have categories and subcategories to sort the videos. Felix Mueller
 Download Mod for phpBB 3   6.4.1   This mod generates a page of downloads for your phpBB 3 forum. OXPUS
 Easy Widgets jQuery plugin   2.0   A very easy way to use Widgets in your site. David Esperalta
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