Mod Title Version Description Author Location
 Mini Knowledge Base   0.2.9   Adds a Knowledge Base to your Forum. tas2580
 Navigation Menu management   1.0   You can create/edit/move/delete a custom Menu Item. This menu block can be switched on/off. Path is relative to the forums root directory, i.e. "" for a external link. Internal links can be added like "portal.php" to call a certain file from your site, or "memberlist.php?mode=leaders" to call a certain function of your forum from out of the navigation menu. DaMysterious
 PM Spy   0.0.1   Adds an Admin option to list/read/sort all of the board's PM's with the ability to delete PM's. david63
 Portal Acronyms   1.0   Give you the ability to have a table with words and descriptions, who can be displayed as a lexicon and also can be used to automatic insert acronyms with Tooltips to all posts. Based on Acronym Mod from CodeMonkeyX using phpBB3's Portal ACP. DaMysterious
 Portal Pages   1.0   This MOD allows the admin to add custom pages using phpBB3's Portal ACP. The entries can be edited, as they are stored into the database. DaMysterious
 Portal XL Custom bbCode Box   1.0.0   This mod adds a Office like tool-bar for formatting and multimedia-contents to the phpBB3-Postbox and eliminates the standard phpBB3 bbCode Buttons. DaMysterious
 Posts per day   1.0.0   Adds a little extra info to the statistic box on the index page: Average posts per day since the board came into existence. MartectX
 Prime Links   1.2.6   Modifies links within posts so that local links are correctly classified as such. It can also apply a target to external links (e.g. to open in a new window) and prepend links (e.g. to apply an anonymizer). primehalo
 Prime Links Supplement: Forum Links   1.2.6   Applies a target to forums that are set up to be links so that they may open in a new browser window. The target is defined by EXTERNAL_LINK_TARGET in the "includes/prime_links.php" file. primehalo
 Prime Links Supplement: Style Links   1.2.6   Adds a stylesheet for convenience in styling links. primehalo
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