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 (Short Story) A summoners guide to greater creatures 
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Post (Short Story) A summoners guide to greater creatures
A Summoners guide to Greater Creatures!
It was a brand new house. Das smiled deviously, teeth showing . There was something about new houses. They had no memories and had never belonged to anyone. If you looked quickly you could see a set of eyes in the shadow under every stair.
'Can I live here?'
'This place is unclaimed.'
The creatures that live between worlds have a sense for these kinds of things. This house already had some interesting ones.
"Twenty-thousand, what do you think?" the real-estate agent said, turning around to face her.
Das's devious smile transformed instantly into something far more friendly, teeth still showing, of course.
"That would be wonderful." She replied, too pleased to haggle.
"Well then!"
With a hundred otherworldly eyes watching, the two of them shook hands over the threshold and the deal was done. Das was to move in tomorrow.
It was 12:01, just past midnight. Impatient people sometimes referr to this time of night as "Tomorrow".
Das opened the gate up and strolled through the lush grass of the front yard. clicked the key into the door and pushed. The house was quiet, shrouded in shadow.
There were still many shadows but they hid in corners and under shelves. In the newly lit house she caught a reflection of herself in the mirror, blue robes covered her lithe form from shoulders to ankles, a somewhat jaggedly shaped hat ending in a point. She also had various tools and ingredients hidden about her person, though not visible.
The classic attire of a witch, It made her feel much more confident in her spells when she was dressed approprietly.
She clasped her hands together. she should get started, lest she start to feel at home in this lovely house and incidentally drive the those spirits away.
Various colorful powders drew lines along the ground. They didn't need the be different colors but it didn't hurt and it helped her keep track of things. She smiled as she worked. So many little detailed were involved with summoning, there was no shame in using some food coloring to make things a little eaiser.
Incense burned throughout the house, smelling like mugwort and lavender and bringing her a little further away from her world, a little bit closer to theirs. Smoke dripped lazily upwards, filling the room wisp by wisp until suddenly, but with no real sign, she knew things were ready.
She stood and walked about the room, taking care to brush the shadows as she walked. The shadows quivered as her cloak flowed past them, if she just barely looked, she could see eye peek out, wondering who disturbed them.
She could hear questions forming in the smoke. They sniffed about wondering if this place was to be claimed, or if they would be allowed to claim it. She definitely didn't care about this lovely house. She told herself this and they slithered out further.
The looked aloofly at the adorable kitchen sink, scornfully at the perfectly even stairs, and scoffed at the smooth marble countering. She was here, but that doesnt mean it was her home.
They slithered out further from every shadow. and further. Timidly leaving their shadows completely behind.
The worlds that had come so close together split apart at that sudden sound, the creatures tried to retreat to their shadows but only a select few, the very sharpest of them, actually made it. Das stood in the center of the room, her hands cupped together, a pleased smirk on her face. It had been a loud one. It had to be. A nice solid sound to bring everything back to the physical world!
The house was positively teeming with creatures, and that was that! The preparations were complete! She supposed she should try summoning one now.
Blue was for the physical aspect, White for the spiritual and a cold gray symbolized the chains that would bind them to her word. It was a medium sized circle with many interconnecting lines and countless alien characters, thin lines of sand written with drudging carefulness.
Das sat in-front of it now, the air still smelled of mugwort but the lavender had been traded for spruce. A more full, earthier scent filled the house. Candles burned, dancing spiritedly at the five points of the circle. It was the only light in the house now.
It was silence but for the flickering of candle flame, the sizzling of the embers on the tips of the incense, the wind outside the windows. Seamlessly her whispers joined them, becoming a part of them yet leaving the silence unbroken.
Her voice grew slowly louder but the silence remained whole. A string of words repeated over and over like the repetitive motion of reeling in a fish. It drew closer and closer, and she could see it more clearly than ever as it stepped into the circle.
The silence was thin now, but she had a feel for it. Her words pushed at its very edges but it held. Shade by shade the creature became real. Long sharp nails clicked softly on the wooden floor. A birds feet. It was about the size of a large pumpkin, it's feathers ruffled, peppered white and black, it's head made completely of bone. Two black holes serves as eyes, and a long bloody beak stuck out from its face, its edges jagged and sharp waved about like a drawn blade as it examined its surroundings.
while it inspected her, she inspected it. It was well balanced, its neck muscles looked extremely strong, and its beak though jagged along the edges, was perfectly straight. Its eyes weren't just dark, darkness swirled within them and it was looking at her with those black pools, awaiting commands.
"You'll do perfectly!"
Sure stride, Strong neck, straight beak. A creature perfectly capable of being deadly. She placed a teacup between its eyes. "Walk. But be careful. Don't drop it." She said, breaking the circle with the swipe of a finger.
Confused, the creature tilted its head.
"Don't tilt it! Imagine there is hot tea inside." She added quickly. It straightened immediatly.
She walked the creature several times around the room and even had it hop up onto furniture. The cup didn't shake one bit.
"Ah! You couldn't be better!" She said, seeing it all fall into place in her head as she looked at her bird with pride. "Now what can I summon to wash those dishes that you're so good at carrying?~"
The furniture was finally all moved in, everything in lovely shades of purple and royale blue.
Das lay back on a couple of overstuffed pillows with a book to her nose, the soft sound of sweeping brooms filled the room, growing ever nearer and further away as the Splinterhazel tirelessly did its work.
Reaching the end of chapter 6, she closed the book with a light snap and spared her servant a glance. The Splinterhazel, as it happened, was now dusting the table just across from her. Like a living branch with five long wavy arms, each covered in pine needles. It's eyes were wise, and it had a thick brow of bark, but comically just below its splinter of a nose lay a thick bristly mustache made of those same needles.
It moved with a gracefully on root-like legs and had a certain dignity that ensured not a spec of dust would escape it's grasp. It spun slowly as its long brushy fingers coaxed the dirt from even the thinnest cracks between chair arm and table leg.
Das got to her feet and strolled over her freshly swept floors, a slow pace towards the stairs, taking a glance in the kitchen as she passed it. The sink splashed with the movement of a creature that resembled a mollusk, it's suction-cup arms pulling a dirty plate deeper into its clutches as it's dark but shimmering shell sunk back into the water. A fiend stood on two legs aside of the sink, knife in its four fingered hand and making clumsy cuts at a zucchini. It wasn't very bright so she didn't trust it to actually cook the food, but maybe one day.
She ascended the purple carpeted stairs and turned left at the fork, away from her bedroom and study-chambers and towards the bathroom. A wind elemental opened the door with a gentle breeze and a fire elemental glowing warmly simmered just under the bathtub, providing plenty of heat without burning a thing.
She stepped into the steamy room and excused the fire elemental who eagerly fled from the damp atmosphere. The door closed behind her with another light breeze. She let her clothes fall to the ground and tested the water with her foot. It was hot, almost too hot, but not enough to keep her out.
She sunk into the bath nose deep in bubbles. Her hair started floating about as she steepled her fingers underneath the water’s surface. She laughed to herself. Things were going great, and truth be told she was just getting started.
There was laundry to take care of, trash disposal and a couple other necessities, but she was also looking forward to plans for a wine cellar. If only she could find something in this house big enough to crush the grapes...
She sunk further into the water and breathed out a stream of bubbles. Only her eyes and above breaching the surface. She was sure the answer would come to her eventually, so she decided to sit back and enjoy her bath.
The water had cooled to a luke warm by the time she decided to get out. What looked like a pair of jewelry encrusted scarab beetles flew to her, golden wings, ruby eyes , gripping a purple towel tightly in their peridot pincers. They draped it around her shoulders.
"How is that house of yours? you've had it what, three weeks now?" Asked Meryl, a middle aged librarian stamping books from behind the counter. "It's nice to finally be living on your own I imagine."
Das held her breath as she lugged six thick hardcover books across the room all at once, letting out a grunt as she let them drop onto the table with a loud thud.
"Yea, it's like a spa." She said brightly, snickering at just how literally she meant it. "Almost perfect, I'm just fixing it up the way I like it!"
The books slamming down had made Meryl jump, Das knew because she was still shooting the younger girl an annoyed look. "If you would carry just a book or two at a time, it wouldn't be so difficult." Meryl said, stamping a book with purpose, closing it, and pulling another one onto the pile.
Das just went for another pile. What Meryl said wasn't true. The only thing worse than hard work was tedious work. She would rather strain her arms than her patience. But ultimately she would like to just summon a rock troll to lug the books around for her.
Meryl sighed the sigh of a wiser more seasoned person giving up and stamped another book.
"Anyway, ordered came in today." Meryl said, emphasizing the word tome as she hefted up a huge book from behind the counter, its cover completely black, old and warn but the pages themselves were well preserved. a golden spine held the entire thing together firmly. "Bigger than some of the stacks you've been carrying, I don't see why you're interested in this stuff."
"Just a hobby!" Das announced, practically dashing to the counter to open it up. each page advertised a different beast, a summoning circle, and a few paragraphs of Latin text. One of the perks that made working here worth it was that it was by far the largest library in the city, and through connections with other major libraries and a bit of help from Meryl, she could get her hands on almost any kind of book. "People came up with some pretty interesting stuff back then."
"A summoners guide to greater spirits..." Meryl said, just shaking her head. "Well it is yours for 14 days, don't put a mark on it!"
Das nodded enthusiastically. "Of course! I have never marked a book in my life!" There were at least a hundred spells in this book! She wanted to grab it and run home immediately. There was still much work to be done before that though, so Instead she did the job of a rock troll for the next three hours, Meryl pointing this way and that, like Das herself might to a Splinterhazle whom had missed a spot.
Finally home! Das carried the huge book across the yard, stumbling this way and that as she tried to balance the over-sized thing. After a little bit of trickery she got in the door and propped it up against the wall. She leaned back against the door-frame and let out a long heavy sigh, kicking her shoes off with the last of her effort.
"I've dealt with far too many books just to get this one." She said as lights sprung to life around her. Five Will'O'Wisps that she'd trained to follow her about the house. Each one emitted a soft orange glow. This all but eliminated electricity bills, and It also just so happened that they were perfect lights to read by.
The Splinterhazel swept past her path as she walked from the foyer and into the living room, The wisps spread out around her, bouncing lazily as they lit her way. With a spin and another sigh, she fell back on the couch. She gave the floor a stomp with her heel and two translucent green slimes slithered out from underneath. covering her feet up to her ankles.
"ahhhhhhhhhhh~" The sunk into the couch as the slimes expertly massaged the soles of her feet. She'd done enough work for the day, she didn't want to lift another finger. unfortunately she had to.
Two fiends began rummaging around in the kitchen at the sound of her fingers. She had recruited another one, kitchen work being no easy matter. Together they could make a passable omolette. Eggs sizzled in the pan.
The Shadowsquawk trod from the kitchen with perfect posture, the light clink of porcelain on bone giving away its approach. She took the teacup from its beak and sipped. It was Jasmine with honey.
Reading felt like too much energy right this moment so she commanded the shadows to put on a play for her. they began to dance as if by firelight and she watched a silent romance until the shadowsquawk returned baring her omelette, plate on beak.
Half an hour after dinner she still hadn't moved. The ShimmerShell rolled about in the sink, feasting on the leftovers stuck to her plate. She stretched and yawned and wanted to nap, but sat up instead, looking at the huge tome across the room.
Das wiped her sleeve across her brow and steadied her breath, making another thin line of sand, and another, and another. It seemed like it had been thousands.
A greater creature needed many more words to bind its soul. She added lines of purple next, it symbolized a second kind of chain. A chain that would limit the powers that the creature had at its disposal. You could exclude these purple signs, but it wasn't very wise.
She continued patiently onward for another thirty minutes.
Finally the last line was drawn. The Summoners guide to greater creatures lay propped open against the wall. The picture of the creature on display was difficult to make sense of. It was almost human, but like an optical illusion. looking at it for too long made her eyes hurt.
The description named it as a Dimenion. An intelligent and exceptionally powerful creature able to live on multiple planes of existence at once. By nature they are observes, and prefer to let things be. However, under her control she could make her closet door lead directly to the beach. She could add as many rooms as she desired to the house without altering its outward appearance at all!
With this summon, this house would become her palace! a place she could build on infinitely!
She closed her eyes and suppressed the giddy feeling in her heart, feeling out for the silence around her. It was elusive for a moment, interrupted by her heart beating in her chest, but she calmed that too.
Candles swayed, ember hissed and whispers grew, drawing in unfamiliar energy from unfamiliar worlds. The room was cold but hot, a sourceless wind blew lightly through the room but a spell kept it well away from Das's circle of sand.
Her words grew louder and grasped the silence, refusing to let it go. the candles at the five points of the circle stood straight up and a blue light began to form in the middle of them. Radiant, beautiful, but like an optical illusion, even harder to look at than its picture, all of Its angles bending impossibly into one another.
If shifted this way and that, growing all the while. She willed her heart to quiet though it was difficult to think she would be exerting her will over this creature in mere moments. She drew in a breath to speak.
It started shrieking! Her eyes flew wide as the creature started whaling at her, a hundred voices, a hundred languages, a thousand shapes. she stared speechless, her mouth hanging open as the Dimenion went haywire in-front of her.
She raised a finger to speak and the creature exploded.
She flew back , blue light pouring over the room in waves, crushing her against the wall for a terrifying moment and then disappearing into nothing.
Silence reclaimed the area, Das still stared at where the thing had been, the vivid light of dimensional shifts still burned into her vision. She stayed like what for just a moment, and then
She scrambled to all fours frantically and crawled, cloak trailing behind her, towards the miraculously untouched sand circle. "How?!" she read over it, nose practically to the ground, checking the book for reference time and again. Each sign perfect, each sigil on point, each...
"Oh no..." She'd misread. This red group was supposed to be on an even line, not an odd one...The summon would work, the power limiters were in place, but her chain was flawed...It had gotten away, but at least it had just run away.
"All in all, I suppose things could have been much worse."
Something smashed downstairs and she sat straight up. "eh?..."
The moment that Das burst from her laboratory, a strong wind hit her in the face and blew her right back in, cloak billowing like out like a sail. she tumbled backwards end over and then the room flooded with wind. Papers ripped, Sand scattered, furniture even tipped.
Her wind elemental had gone rogue!
Of course every decent summoner had a backup plan for their creatures breaking out of their bindings. She could fix this, she just had to get downstairs to retrieve a few things. Her hair was blowing about uncontrollably, whipping at her face making it hard to keep her eyes open. The wind was so loud that she couldn't even hear the crashing around her, though she knew everything was flying everywhere. Pages were tearing from her tome three at a time.
She launched herself through the wind and towards the door, crashing into it and turning the nob in the same instant, she went tumbling out and barely kept enough composure to flail around and kick it shut again.
She could feel the wind elemental slipping through the cracks of the door already but she had bought herself a couple of minutes at least. She could rebind it!
Another sound from downstairs. She pushed herself to her feet with a groan and started moving. She looked up just in time to see a small swarm of scarabs flying at her. Despite them, she kept moving. There was nowhere to go but forward. As they came close she made a desperate drive under the bejeweled bugs.
she rolled right under and came up with only a slight stumble, took a few bounding steps and headed down the stairs three at a time.
'If my scarabs have gotten free too...' She thought to herself in the flickering lights. And then she noticed, the wisps weren’t following her anymore, but rather they were darting wildly throughout the house with no rhyme or reason what so ever.
If the wisps were free too that meant all her spells were broken...The dimenion must have done something. Another crash! what was going on down there?!
As her foot cleared the final stair, there it was, the splinterwood was flipping her beautiful furniture like it had a grudge. the couch, coffee table and coat rack had already been thrown and it was making its way towards the bookshelf, dark wooden brows furrowed angrily.
"hey! Wait!" She reached out to the living tree but a clattering sound from behind caught her attention. Slowly she turned towards the kitchen.
The fiends were completely destroying it! Eggs, zucchini, parsley and peanut butter everywhere! They knocked over chairs and jumped around shouting, knocking plates from shelves and pouring sugar directly into their mouths!
"PIERRE!! GASTON!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, "STOP IT!!"
She'd gotten the fiends attention, but they didn't seem inclined to listen. they were going for the eggs again.
"Wait, wait! No!"
She'd put her h and up and managed to block the eggshell, but the yolk and white passed right through.
"EEEEEEEAAAUUGH!!!" Das shrieked as the egg splattered square on her cheek. "GASTON!" She shouted in a rage, flinging her hands towards the refrigerator door, gripping it with her magic. "THAT’S DISGUSTING!"
She flung her hands towards the two fiends full force and the fridge blew open, ingredients of all sorts exploded from its compartments and completely covered the two fiends who were left blinking in utter shock.
Das gave an aggravated shout and turned back towards the room, ignoring the Shimmershell who still seemed content to be sucking the food off of dirty plates. It was ok! she could fix all of this! She just needed to get to her chest.
A boom came from the basement, the entire house shook.
"Oh no!...The grapes!"
A deep snarling roar followed behind the boom, it shook the house just as much and sent a chill down her spine.
"Oh no...The troll!!"
She had set it to work just yesterday, a rock troll she had appropriately named Meryl. The thumping it made as it crushed the grapes reminded her of the librarian loudly stamping book after book. But now it was roaring at her just like Meryl too.
Das's shoulders slumped. Trolls weren't something she could safely restrain again. Still, she thought, if she could just seal the basement off with magic before it found the stairs...
"Is that smoke?" Her thought process was interrupted by the sharp acrid smell. A quick look around told her it was coming from upstairs. "Ahh!" she clasped her hand over her mouth. 'The fire elemental!' she thought. It felt like an arrow piercing her hopes and dreams.
There was no fighting it, she had to get out. She ran to her chest batting away the scarabs as they made their second pass. She rummaged until she found a dark blue book with a golden spine, thick with pages and worn with age. Its cover was blank but if you looked inside on the first page it would say 'A summoners guide to Lesser Creatures!'
She stuffed the tome deep into her cloak and spun, heading towards the door with long quick strides.
When she finally arrived she was forced to a halt. she was looking into two eyes of swirling black, carved like wells into a head of bone. Feathers ruffled and wings spread wide, the shadowsquawk guarded the door. Its sword-like beak waved loftily back and forth as it watched her.
She took a step back. Now that she was on the other side of it, rather than how perfectly straight it was, she found herself thinking just how sharp that edge looked . If she could have run, she would have. But there were a handful of other spirits including a splinterhazel that had just flipped a refrigerator waiting for her in the other direction.
She scanned the ground for something to throw, found it and lunged. The Shadowsquawk lunged at the same time, but towards her, Its sword of a beak opening up into a pair of glistening daggers. Her fingers looped around the handle of a teacup and she threw it as hard as she could. It shattered against the skull and sent the bird wobbling dizzily to the side.
"You forgot that one!" She scolded, but moved as she did, grabbing the door, tearing it open and stumbling out to safety.
Das sipped hot chocolate from a Styrofoam cup and watched the firemen fight the fire. It wasn't a fire though, it was a fire elemental and no matter how much water they poured on it, it wouldn't stop until every last shred of the house was devoured.
It glowed warmly into the morning hours, burning every last thing there was to burn. The creatures with their physical form destroyed would return to the shadows unharmed and continue to look, though perhaps more warily, for a new place to inhabit.
It was true she had lost her furniture, her equipment and possibly her job at the library since she would not be returning that book. However, any summoner with a decent level of foresight took out very good insurance policies when they bought their house.
She smiled rather deviously. She would buy another house, this one near the beach, a bigger place so she didn't need to open up any tricky dimensional fissures.
Lesser creatures were enough for now.

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Post Re: (Short Story) A summoners guide to greater creatures
Half-way through. Not too shabby mah friend.


Rem wrote:
All I told him was that he made a loli cry....

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Da fuq Yom, I had a way better pic, but that forum wouldn't let me.

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