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Post Harebo
I was a young scientist who [created/found?] a creature called Harebo (Ha'ree'bo) it was a small roundish blue and clear jelly creature in the shape of a cat's head, it could change into any form, and together we went on adventures with harebo sitting on my shoulder, until a mad scientist modified the DNA and made a red harebo that turned into a tentacle monster and went raping ladies. harebo and me confronted the beast and harebo used his multiply technique and an attack called Piranha were he ate the monster quicker than it could fight back, but then harebo said in a female voice “you have made me used my eating ability too much” and went berserk and was under control of the mad scientist he sent harebo to invade another planet, I arrived just in time to do what was necessary to snap harebo out of it as harebo covered the entire planet just before harebo could eat anything other than buildings. (saving the people)then harebo disappeared. and I was misplaced by harebo. we faded off into legend. I spent years looking for harebo traveling the universe..

for the life of me I couldn't remember harebo's name. I couldn't remember our travels, it's like harebo had erased it all from the history of the universe, yet the story remained as did our legend.

then I came to a planet that was stuck in a permanent winter, they said it was unnatural and that there was a snow tornado causing it, they recognized me and asked if I could do anything to stop it.
they showed me the snow tornado, they said it circles the planet and always comes down the main street of the city and they were terrified of it.
so i went into the main street to check it out and as I was looking at the ground the storm appeared in front of me. I looked up and the tornado gave way to a dark figure. it was a girl wearing a black hat in a black dress the kind that's cut on the side so the legs come through.
the snow turned into cards.
the street filled with cards, every flake of snow was a card
and each one different.
"It's you" she said "you're the one I've been waiting for"
"but you must prove it"
she said "one of these cards is the right one that will prove it, all the others are wrong. it'd be a miracle to find it, this will test if you truly are the right one."
there were two cards that blew to me in the wind and landed on the tip of my shoe and just flickered there in the wind
I picked up the cards, the storm turned into a room. And all the lady's clothes disappeared, she had big breasts and laid down on a bed that had just formed.
I was pulled into the room as if the room itself was forcing me to move, I quickly was interlocked with her in a breast fondling session to which she obliged.
She then said “put the card on my pussy and read it out to me”
I did so, the first card said “Soul Incantation” the second said “Soul Incantation II”
“those are the right cards” she said “you must be the right one because if you were the wrong one you'd have only taken one card like I told you and it wouldn't have been soul incantation.”
“did you ever wonder why in all these years you didn't age or die, even after so long had passed?, that is because we are intertwined”
“you will make love to me now to fulfill our power. If one of us survives both will.”
and as if without an ability to move on my own I was naked and my penis was guided into the soft wet confines of her pussy. I was being moved back and forth without any effort, then her body morphed around and she was laying on her stomach. Then I was about to climax and she pulled me out and morphed to a position of laying on her back again and just as I thought the climax would come as a bukkake she stuffed me back inside her pussy just in time for the juice to flow.

Then after we had finished we were teleported away and clothed again. She took me to a strange arcane place, and some strangers where there calling themselves “the guild” they told her they had been watching us. And that she would have to undergo a trial for her actions. I was not clear on what crime she had done, but I expected the guild to find her innocent but after the tribunal no verdict was given, she was returned to my side though I had watched them speak with her the whole time. but they found her guilty and said she needed to face the consequences.

Then they jumped down and brought out a big arcane cello, and proceeded to start to play it, She held onto my arm and got behind me. I noticed she was shivering with every note that was played, yet I was unaffected. Then I realized she was shivering because the vibrations were rippling through her in a different way than me, because she was Harebo, of course it made sense Harebo could take any form, and they both had the same voice, but I still didn't know her name, I wanted to say something to comfort her, I knew she had to endure this, that we couldn't run or we'd face worse. But I couldn't even call her name.
Then I remembered the cards so I held up the card and called out it's name “Soul Incantation”, a bright light shined. The music disappeared. The light faded and the room was blue. “I am Harebo and I will always seek you out, it is destiny.”

The End? Obviously not.



got any?

His name is not Robert Paulsen, His name is Gregory Matthew Bruni, he won so hard.

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