[Draft] The Witness of a Jinn, Part 000
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Author:  RV-007 [ Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  [Draft] The Witness of a Jinn, Part 000

This is a collection of anecdotes as memorized by individual witness. What you will read is about how one fell from greatness and has yet to attain that enlightenment. The road is not only enduring for this being, but maybe, tells a story that we can all relate to. I believe, by a will beyond mines, guided me here to record of what I have kept in mind for quite a while. I believe that moment tells me as a matter of instruction before I head off once again. The records will be sent to the ones awaiting.

I will go from the earliest as possible. And that art, is not just a form of expression, but a reflection, or inflection of life itself. This description of life, or lives, is of course, in a vague range of infinite possibilities. Sometimes, life, or existence, is determined by destiny, free will, or something beyond. We are merely insignificant beings striving to become the forces of nature. The environment can be a strong influence among people. In a desperate bid for the freedom of control, art was made, along with writing and communication. Oh how we seek out to the open skies, wondering what our place would be. Eventually, the inventions finally become a force of nature itself! Still, there is more in the universe and of the infinite possibilities, probably beyond imagination.

When I come to, I was in a sea of bright white or yellow light. There might been orbs of light as well. I was lost. I was a soul, a substance without form. I overheard a voice, "Should I make this a boy, or a girl?". I took form. I had horns like the devil, also red in skin tone. I believe I was an imp, but helpless as a fetus drifting lost in the sea. In a stupor so long, the weight of panic crushes me. I think out loud, "Help!", wasn't good enough. I need to put in more investment into my form. Took a while squirming and writhing, until I managed to control those two jaws and tongue. I can't speak yet. More time and effort passed by. Slurs and babel talk translated from thoughts restructured. Finally, with link between body and mind, I spoke. "Help!". With body and mind, I repeated several times. Then, he came.

A man appeared. I believed he was dumbfounded, but please excuse my state of distress. Maybe he was just listening in and thought, "What, what a vague request!". We were both confused in a sea of gradient light. I was the one who broke the spell of silence. Maybe, I was a god, but then again, vague request. The man did ask the same questions and then some. Maybe analyzing my thought processes, but I swore that he could have been created by me, somehow. The only thing set in my mind at the moment is that we were both stupid beings, lost within our questions. This displeases me. I finally come to that we should latch onto each other, but really, I knew I was some infant. Least that's a start.


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