HS NUZ and then Matthew Bruni got on a plane
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Author:  joshex [ Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  HS NUZ and then Matthew Bruni got on a plane ... d-the.html

So this man literally enacted the story I had planned for a flash called "Gnomepoo #2" however I originally envisioned it much more lewd and to music.

So as you can imagine there was poo everywhere and the flight had to be diverted. and the man also tried to feed his shirt down the crapper. this man must have beeen hopped up on some good shit. that or he was just muslim.

to muslims looking at thier own poo on thier hand or tissue is a diservice and sacreligious act, they feel they are too superior to check if they've wiped themselves properly. so they take thier hand or tissue and smear it on the walls and if it leaves brown streaks they know there needs to be more wiping done. the dude must have gotten some on his shirt during turbulence and was either trying to wash it off in the toilet (Classic third world customs, why make the clean sink water dirty when I can use the dirty toilet water?) or it was muslim customs that he must dispose of such articles as if they are feces for the sake of his pride. so anyways the toilet got jammed with his shirt and thats how they caught the guy.

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