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 Tax-Gentrification and forced displacement, uh oh. 
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 Tax-Gentrification and forced displacement, uh oh.
I just reviewed another topic, and I think that maybe, it's something else as a call for justice.

Before we define what's tax-gentrification, what is gentrification? It's a supposed injustice that raises the tax rate to another par. I don't care if the new residents got a fancy scmancy payroll going on, good for them. It's you or you. Eventually, if you cannot handle the hike, you, are, going, to be, displaced. They fucking rob you of your right to (private) shelter! That's like very unconstitutional, you know what I mean?

Now, tax-gentrification is basically the same, except with taxes/costs increase to the property/income/price. The goal is to deprive you to of your right to live at your place. Now, actually, tax-gentrification is forced displacement, but with the use of taxes or even costs. Forced displacement is coerced immigration and can be strong armed. Usually, the causes are natural disasters, environmental problems, and development-induced displacement. However, not all displacements are just out of the blue or some bureaucracy making projects for the whole. Some of these causes are on a international level in war, civil war, political repression, or religious conflicts. Those causes are quite steep as topics. However, there is something on a local level that I feel occurs more often and easily and that's ethnic cleansing.

Does anyone know what ethnic cleansing correlates to? Anyone think of any genocides? It's quite close to ethnic cleansing and yes, it's considered criminal; hell, maybe even war criminal! Imperialism can attribute to that violent cause of forced displacement.

Clicking with tax-gentrification, ethnic cleansing, and forced displacement, we get a nasty picture of what is to come. Usually, I'm concerned with the tax forced displacement over people because it's usually the more common route in wiping out normal citizens for the worship of a false people. No, we don't have to talk about middle class buying out lots and things like that. How? The middle class have been dying off even since when? I don't know. The only ones left would be corporate/development-gentrification. And that's why I mentioned tax-gentrification. When there's a tax gentrifying, there's usually an interest overlapping even corporations or development. That interest can come in religious groups or even ethnic groups! The sickening light to come is that now, the community or government have been enthralled to sacrifice itself for a cult. Doesn't matter who dies then? Burn the witch!

Now, since we are done talking about the subtle sinister indirect displacement method, we will go over a more recognizable method. Forced displacement by ethnic cleansing. That's like driving people from their homes and the only fucking reason is to falsely worship a people. Even to this day, I see it happening in communities, where a TRANSGRESSIVE ethnic group tries to drive off others. That's where things like ethnic struggles get really fucked up!

All I can say now is that people ought to open their minds about these concepts. It can be a fucked up world where imperialists try to fuck you up! Don't get fucked over as they say.

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