Thy Studies of Higher Education
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Author:  RV-007 [ Tue Dec 24, 2019 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Thy Studies of Higher Education

From an acquaintance's request for such a topic, I will allow all kinds of fucking input about
thy studies of higher education.

Yes, it a bitch.
Higher education, is like, to be a fucking nobleman or something like that.
If you see the fucking old days (at least Victorian, but it goes far beyond that age), families throw their kids onto the premium luxury of education refinement. That is, private or boarding tutors. You can see the practice continue to this day from them Asian parents burning up their kids's free time to at least get the basics down. Even then, the fucking old days have families of some (at least occupational) renown/reputation/prestige to force the younger acolytes into what the Middle Ages would call a guild or something like that. For knighthood, being a squire might been the norm to promote from. Otherwise, it's not that the mandatory school teachers could help the kids or anything like that. To them, it's like mass production of a passing grade, like commoners or peasants, or something like that.

Going beyond that, it's on you, bro!
Yes, sometimes, there are genius/learning kids, but it is technically AN ACT OF GOD!
For the rest of the anchovies, you gotta paid up for private tutors or tutor programs. It will cost money for higher education, it still costs money to enter higher education. And then, it still requires more tutors or tutor programs! Did I mentioned finance before?

Unless there is a physical task of a career in mind, the youth's time ought to be INVESTED! Make sure then to make it work out! Of course, there are obstacles to higher education. They can range from a different range of interests. Be careful that some of those interests might be the military of a different background! From either friend or foe, sometimes, you would need to be the damn gentleman who knows the fucking en garde!!! and sabre. Yes, I believe that some context of chivalry is still set in place.

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