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 Weapon Swap Speculations in 1986 FBI Miami shootout 
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Post Weapon Swap Speculations in 1986 FBI Miami shootout
So obviously, this is the primary incident that switch the revolver to a glock or something like that.
So instead of meeting adjourned, I want to reflect and do a what-if scenario.
What if the cops had shell loaded revolvers? I think it would be quite a match.
Now, the shell revolvers don't have to be drawn out just like that. Maybe when the situation gets serious enough (like, detecting the big size). Of course, it's cool to use it as a backup/cover/suppression fire weapon.


So without swapping speculation, what can be done? I mean, I'm sure there are things left.

In the incident, officer Dove and Grogan made some significant hits. Platt became the bull toroing at his red capes. They are the ones wielding the pistols, but loaded with only 9mm rounds (not sure if the personnel [or other!] version would be available). Most of the rest are armed with some .357 magnum revolver, but are loaded with .38 rounds; it was not the maximum potential for these revolvers. .357 is more penetration level, but who knows when you are fighting these guys.

Dove's pistol was hit and thus became inoperative. He may need to inform Grogan to cover him while he fixes, but most likely replace his damaged firearm. He could have taken the disabled Hanlon's revolver. Dove needs to know how to use the available weapons at the pool!

The real problem is the dwindling capacity to maintain suppressive/cover fire as the officers are getting downed and out. The situation seems to call for hailing the suspect under fire and pinned down. Hopefully, he will be demoralized, relent, and surrender. Just a look away gives the suspect a chance to relocate into possibly a better position. Still, the need to commit to suppressive/cover fire will require communication/coordination, even if it's just the immediate team. Now, I'll admit, no one is going to check up on the health of the other units while undergoing a distressful situation. However, behind cover, one can take a look at the surroundings anyways. I mean, you are going to dodge fire and place your shots.


Back to the shell revolver thing, yeah, it is technically illegal, so yeah. However, I think that if there is at least one per team/squad, it can be advantageous as a backup/cover/suppression fire weapon. It packs quite a wallop for such a small size, allowing the ability to transverse in enclosed spaces. The saying goes, "Big things comes in small packages". Of course, there are draw backs. High recoil is possible per shot. Body armor do exist, but probably not for the limbs and of course, the firearms in use. The spread pattern of the shots can increase the probability of hits, but also increase the probability of misses.

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