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Post Re: Jungalore: The New World [Main RP Thread]
The barrier was weakening, and the roiling clouds had started to seep into the throne room as his body shifted - bones creaking as the thing fully inserted its own muscles over his, skin boiling and breaking apart as the energies seethed below his skin.

"You call yourself a god..." his voice sounded thick, different. "Yet your senses are so weak you cannot perceive your own doom?! Ha, you ego-bloated apes are a joke and a half!" with this, Yemhelch's jaw split apart to give way to a pair of mandibles overrun with small, wriggling tentacles.

"K-kill him!" Baphomatt screamed, a tinge of terror in his voice as he leaped back from the writhing, light-eating mass of flesh that was emerging from the body of his former opponent. Heeding his command, the undead elite knights broke their defensive position and charged forwards.


"Stay out of my way, small fry!" the voice echoed in the crumbling throne room as a mass of teeth and eyes emerged to intercept the attackers, consuming them with gusto as he charged forwards, pursuing Baphomatt. "What's the matter? Too weak and helpless now that your little toys won't do you any good?"

"SILENCE!" Baphomatt screamed back, defiant - but his voice wavering a little with fear. "No matter what you are, no magic can truly master me! I am the god of death, and you are beholden to me for bearing the sin of life!"

"Then, I'll just tear you apart with my fists!"

Baphomatt countered with several black fireballs, blasting the throne room apart with their massive power - blowing away scores of undead gathering in the throne room. A large marble column collapsed across the throne room, cutting off Mikkael and the woman in the strange armor. A quick glance to see if they were alright, and Yemhelch countered with a brutal right to Baphomatt's throat.

"Why?! You're supposed to be dead!" Baphomatt screamed, desperately trying to take to the air. "How are you even standing?!"

"Let me give you two nice pieces of information." Yemhelch countered. "One: Right now, at the other end of the world, all the life force on this planet is flooding my tendrils with excess energy. Two, the moment you and I locked eyes in that courtroom, your fate was decided - to be slain by me."

Baphomatt was reminded of the odd tendrils he saw on his trip to the Chaos Deserts and shuddered.

"You may have power, human!" Baphomatt countered with a powerful spiked claw, Yemhelch blocking it. "But as the God of Death, I'll see to it that this world will be purged of its unclean beings! What right do you have to stop me?!"

"This world is not yours alone, fool." Yemhelch grunted against the effort, before stepping off and delivering a heavy kick to Baphomatt's face. "But the day you betrayed every living thing on this planet, you pissed me off. SO YOU VANISH!"

"Hmph, so you think can fight me?!" Baphomatt roared back. "But I command the souls of the dead! The power of entropy will end you no matter how powerful you are!" With this, he pulled out the seething book and opened it - summoning several more undead into the throne room.

"That must be... the book of Shadows." Yemhelch grinned as he managed to throw off several undead titan brawlers and paladins. "Hand it over to me, and I'll let you walk away alive, mortal."

"GRAH! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU?! I am a God! You will respect my authority!" Baphomatt countered with another wave of his hand, summoning even more undead. "Bargaining with Death will get you nowhere!"

"Wrong answer."

Perhaps it was his warrior's instinct from his days as a fighter at the Arena that warned him - but he managed to steal a glance to the side, and realized that three sets of jaws were closing on his arm. It was too late - before his body could even jerk away, the serrated teeth of the monstrous beast smashed down on his arm holding the book of shadows.



"Nice work." the man wearing the fedora said as he opened his eyes and the vile book emerged from the ooze. "We have the book of Shadows."

"Um... do you think... " Ahnbein asked. "... is it possible to release the souls held prisoner by this artifact?"

"That's the plan."

"... thank you."


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