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 Jungalore: The New World [Main RP Thread] 
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They had really put their act together. The old castle, once with a gaping hole still being mended from the fight before had almost overnight become a glimmering white stronghold, plated with marble and lined with iron and steel platings below.

Turning from a backwoods port town to a new capital of the world was a miracle, but it was made possible by the many who had managed to flee the event now known as the 'fall of Cyndar', and even some people who had managed to swim through the polluted ocean in nothing but their skivvies. Wise move, he considered - that the waters were slick and oily with blood, and any fool wearing more than the simplest gowns would drown under that stuff.

"Armor can be replaced, but a life?"

After the tour of the castle and meeting with his adopted nephew who was now growing rapidly in his tank of fresh water - "Sourced from Avalon's springs", Philena had said. He shot a wry grin and a thumbs-up to the child and the infant Meridian flapped his lateral headfins in response.

"Huh. He likes you already." Philena grinned. "You keep this up and people will start thinking you're the King Consort... then again, you did raise quite the row back when we met..."

"I'm probably the first person he saw when I managed to pop him outta you, Phi-chan... King Consort?"

"Look it up sometime." she chuckled dangerously, before changing the subject. "Say, the old place was wrecked by the floodwaters. Do you have a place to stay?"

"Not really."

"Then, feel free to stay in the guest rooms as long as you like."

He gave her a polite bow. "Thank you, my Queen."

At this, she smiled. "Just so you know, we're still tied 2-2. Now that I have access to a real kitchen, I wont lose to you!"

"Bring it on, my rival." Yemhelch smiled as he settled into a sparring stance.


Sleep. Perhaps that was what he needed. Settling down on the soft feather and quilt mattress of the bed, he sighed as his long day came to an end. At last, the cool night air lulled him to rest and the stars twinkled brightly, as if all was well with the world.

Just then, he felt himself falling and the bed shrinking from view - and the last thing he saw was the small dragon growing smaller and smaller, as if he was on a rapidly departing boat - a quizzical stare dancing on its face.

"Oh" he mumbled.


"So, as I was saying, I got good news and bad news." a familiar voice said. "So, what'll it be?"

He opened his eyes and realized he was back at the edge of the Abyss. Shaking off the sleep from his head, he turned to look at his counterpart, now sporting a large scar running down his shoulder.


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