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 make your computer more secure without extra software 
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Post make your computer more secure without extra software
Windows Operating systems have always been set up by default with glaring security holes. Most of these are network services you probably never use. If you already disabled services you dont use much, you can skip over the next section, as one of the large ones with just stuff MS enabled. Windows is used by many types of people and MS wants it to be easy to use for the common idiot.

Most of this can apply to Windows 95/98, but seriously, upgrade your OS if you're using those because you'll always be very vulnerable on those systems. This is assuming your using Windows 2k-Vista. Somethings might be labeled differently in your Windows OS. So just use your brain and read.

If you screw something up on your computer it's not my fault. Follow these steps at your own descretion.

Familiarize yourself with the processes running on your computer

I know it may be a pain in the neck gleaming over the proccesses and seeing if there's anything weird in there, though it really doesnt take that much time.

To get to the task manager, right click the windows task bar and click task manager, (It might be labeled differently) You'll see a list of the processes names, the amount of CPU cycles it's using and memory.

If you're interested in seeing more information than that you can click the view button on the menu bar and click select columns, it'll let you select stuff in check boxes to give you some more information on those proccesses. You might have to make the task manager window a little bigger and drag the columns around to see it all or uncheck the ones you arent interested in seeing at the moment.

Malware will sometimes cloak themselves as every day normal proccesses.
Sometimes they're just spelled little differently, or they're spelled exactly the same You might see more than one duplicate of a proccess that isnt there normally and the order is was loaded in there can be a red flag of something that doesnt belong. The PID (process identifier) is handy for that though even that is unreliable at best, though it helps you be a detective when you were stupid and gave your computer herpies.

If there's anything there you dont know what is or seems suspect do a search for it on your favorite search engine and you can get a general idea what the proccess does on your system and whether you need it or it's a liability.

Fortunately a lot of times removing these critters is easy, just remove them from the configuration files. Sometimes this has to be done if they slip past the Viruse scanner.

Uninstall Network protocals you do not use

Microsoft wants their software products to work out of the box. One of those includes their networking function, their MS network stuff. If you have computers networked together, by all means, leave this installed, but if your computer isnt networked to any local computers and is connected directly to a router or a cable modem through a ethernet port, disable it. Having this open is leaving ports on your system and leaving you open for viruses portscanners or even malicious people intent on exploiting security holes (These are some of them)

To get to this open up the Control Panel and click network options. You will see your connection to the internet there. Right click it and go to properties. Remove everything except internet protocal (TC/IP) That is, if you're not using those other ones, which I seriously doubt you are if you just plug in your box to a router or cable modem.

Disable services you dont use

Hold down your Windows key and tap the R button. The run menu will appear. Type in services.msc and hit the enter button. Scroll through the list and disable anything you dont use... Though remember to look it up on the internet or ask a sweaty geek with a phillips screw driver in his pants. Disabling the wrong service might make your OS to not work properly or your favorite game from working.

Remove software you do not use or rarely

You really shouldnt keep software on your system for too long, even if you have tons of space. Some of these software have stuff running in the memory all the time and might have security holes, so why leave it there?

Some of these software might get infected with viruses if you're unfortunate enough your poor computer contracts a viruse and then one day you'll double click it for something to do and then your computer gets brutally raped by a gaggle of horny cats. If you rarely use software, uninstall it and install it later when you'd like to play with it.

Also be careful what you download, even if it's not obvious some software you download for free might have a viruse embedded in it. Make sure you're downloading from a reputable source. If you're looking to find a software to do a particular function it's sometimes best to ask a trustworthy knowledgeable person what's a good idea to get.

For christ sakes, keep your computer up to date

I know this tutorial said, without additional software, but everything you need to prevent a lot of problems is already on your computer. It's called Windows Updates. Always make sure your computer is up to date as possible with the latest patch from the evil empire servers.

Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:27 am
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Post Re: make your computer more secure without extra software
Some people may get confused and believe you are being contradictory (windows sux, all you need is update) make sure they realize what you mean. Also, you could always do another topic about security with better software. or about a mllion other security topics. anyway good topic.

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