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Author:  RV-007 [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:37 am ]
Post subject:  ?ZDoom_Mod/Analysis/NSFW? Forkheads in Doom?

Hello everybody, I want to say that I wanted to put this out as a tribute to forkheads since I have officially joined the community forum/message_board (or what's left of it). Nevertheless, I did plan to go collectively and individually as possible in terms of how to get around this spin-off excuse of a project to start rolling.

I know that forkheads is like a 90s studio in a abandoned warehouse surrounded by urban slums, but that's enough for me to respect in terms of how it manages to thrive like street urchins, but more importantly, how it can sustain enough to develop projects in a (near) free expression. Those facts are the very reasons why I would try make a tribute figuratively written in stone.

I only have tapped into a few of the projects. Some of them sex kitten titles; yeah, there's the insane puzzle shits just because there wasn't much of a design to get the variable/parameter/conditions ball rolling. And then there's the random eye candy ding a ling prize shit (if I mentioned programming, I digress onto a different topic!). I just recognized that before I had ever fully comprehend a visual novel, I had not seen the sex kitten titles as a practice or exercise in visual novel experimentation per se. There's two other sci-fi dating sims that is more like a rpg or stat grinder kind of thing.

Even then, I still cannot comprehend what is the main basis of the forkheads products. I get that red triangle techno/dance Kitty McSlut is the meat of the current main product series. Something about sexual, I mean sensual, misadventures. If you don't understand the meaning of rewards or quests, the matter of the subject is conquest, even if it is immoral, sadistic, criminal, or savage. You go on trying to technically get the eye candy reward, if not to conquer and claim (doesn't mean it's always just!) the spoils/slaves. And then there's the show versus game stuff. If I go analyzing elsewhere, the shows have a houri/harem/haram fantasy kind of thing. Such false notations, of course. Back onto the flash games, it's a campy romp demo. Works basically well enough for me.

To be honest, I wouldn't know how to start on forkheads material. If anyone wants to pitch in contributions or whatevers, go right on ahead. I would say a forkheads doom mod wouldn't be truly my own work, but a derivative of others regarding the forkheads project.

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