Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game
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Author:  joshex [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:31 am ]
Post subject:  Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game

So I floated the idea today and it seemed to have gotten some interest from several members.

One noted that he has been looking into VOIP card games where you use your voice and voice recognition to play the game online, we will almost definitely have an online version so this may be a good idea.

Parpol submitted a card idea "we need a loli breakfast machine card that heals and remove depression ailments"

I submitted some things to sift through:
It needs more insane cat girls and spells like "shoveth yon pineapplethx0rs up yonder ANUS" and eldrich abominations. oh and drugs, those are character boosters. that and thick wads of cash, CDs porn files and such which is used to summon shit.
the voice thing is great though.
the game shouldn't be about fighting but about which characters are the most insane and or depraved.
and especially what characters are the most offensive to normies.
sure theres atk and def, and when a character falls they're defeated, but they could still stay on the board for etchi reasons

"this cat girl has Etchi. when she is doing anything she gets +3 depravity, even when she's KOed thats considered cute +3x3 depravity.."
this is FHTCG

again we are just asking for card ideas or examples and gameplay ideas.

We need to decide what kinda game we want to make this,

as Yugioh and MTG are probably the 2 most popular TCGs I was thinking of merging the aspects we like about each. that is that Yugioh is played fast with tributes and MTG is played slow using mana/land but allows any number of creatures/spells etc. on the board at a time.

we could do some sort of tribute to cash equivalence where in this case cash is the land/mana or maybe we could use places from our games as land who knows, just float this idea.

In thinking about this I think we can create a system where the game is both quick and yet complicated.

Players can have starting stats:
HP: 100
Magic Good: 0
Cash: 0

where both HP and Magic good are interchangeable but you can't attack magic good directly with characters, maybe abilities can do it or maybe spells etc can do it, but for the most part characters can only attack HP. whereas if you run out of HP but have magic good you can transfer some magic good into HP to stay in the game :errg AND/OR (as a choice?) the player could use Magic Good as a teir modifier, maybe 1 Magic good makes all HP +1x10 (100 HP == 1000 HP), 2 magic good makes all (non modified HP) +2x10 = 2000.

I'm debating on what we should call characters? characters, waifus?

We also need suits, every successful card game ever has had suits or colors or elements etc. what will our Suits be?

I'm debating on what should be used to summon characters. Cash? magic good? mix of both?

I'm thinking we can have mixed summons like "Anime Flamer Waifu: summon cost 1 magic good, 100 cash, 2 Flame tributes (land or character)"
where Anime Flamer Waifu might be tributable for it's summon cost -cash unless specified, so if you have it in play you can tribute it at any time to gain "2 flame tributes, 1 magic good"

instead of tributes we could do sales, lol that would really piss off the normies "I'll sell my 'Dumb Bitch' for $1" -moves card to "Shop" (other players can buy from the shop with game money encouraging trade)

Cards will have battle stats like normal: ATK, DEF
but will also include Magic Good and maybe something like "Insanity" and "Depravity" not really certain yet we need to decide whats best.

And every time we use a card that has a magic good stat for battle, effect and or defense, we gain that much magic good.

A card's magic good stat is an Atk and Def modifier, so that 0 MG, 1A, 1D is not equal to 1 MG, 1A, 1D, in such a fight the 1 MG modifier will add or multiply or subtract /divide from an opponent's card by the card's rules making 1MG put the card in a different tier.

Also we have to decide if characters "Auto regenerate" or not, this has to do with their stat numbers. in MTG if a card takes damage in def mode it loses def points permanently until regenerated or until the next turn. so if 1 character with 1 atk attacks a defending character with 3 def, that character now has 2 def, and if attacked again it another 1atk it has 1 def, if it gets to 0 it's KOed. Where as in Yugioh if a monster has 1000 def and is blocking and takes an atk of 500 it's still at 1000 for the next attack it doesn't decrease.

which system do we want? auto regen or not?

Card Types, MTG has the most really different card types (yugioh just keeps creating new monster card types but still only has 3 spell type cards.)

in MTG you have, land, Special land (land+enchantment), Creatures, land creatures(living land), Artifacts, Artifact-Creatures, Enchantments, Enchant Creatures, Sorceries, and Instants

to explain these types:
land (it's like tribute tokens or cash)
creatures (they do teh fighting and defending for ya)
artifacts (kinda like creatures except they aren't alive and are suitless and usually powerful with some special ability or ability to become an enchant creature)
Enchantments (a permanent spell which effects the whole game board and stays until destroyed)
Enchant Creatures (permanent buffs or debuffs to a creature or artifact or artifact creature etc.)
Sorceries (a one time (or limited use) spell that can only be played during the player's turn in a specific play phase)
instants (can be played at any time even during another player's turn. kinda like a trap card in yugioh but better.)

I think we should have as many card types as possible to make the game more fun.

in our game we obviously will have different names for cards, I suggest a forum, chat, videogame, and hentai theme:
Enchant Creatures = "Edits"
Enchantments = "Mods"
Sorceries = "Trollery"
Instants = "Spam"
Artifacts = "Tech"?
Artifact Creatures = "Enhancements"

of which drugs and alcohol and drugged foods etc are trollery and spam.

anyways this whole Idea needs fine tuning. as it is an FH project we need to fine tune it together.

we need a battle system, but shouldn't deviate from the speedy battle model cause that will help differentiate us from MTG.

Author:  YomToxic [ Fri Jun 01, 2018 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game

parpol wrote:
we need a loli breakfast machine card that heals and remove depression ailments


Author:  joshex [ Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game


instead characters and cards that are removed from the battle are just out of energy and sent to
"The Nap Room"

if a card is removed from play/the game it is sent to the:
"the do not bother on pain of death, nap room"

your hand is referred to as your "Inventory".

What do we call a deck?

there is also a community shop (on the table spread out) players can sell in stacks and place any for sale cord on another stack, you can't pick which cards you buy from a stack you must buy the whole thing.

Card Idea (Parpol): The Dick Card, it's a big picture of a hairy dick. it has no purpose or value, it has text "It's the dick thing to do" Rules; the card must stay in your hand till you can play a card that tells you to discard or remove from play a card from your hand. it must stay in your deck until the end of any ongoing tournaments, contests or gatherings.. you can only sell it after that time..

!!!!!!!!!NO UPPER DECK LIMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no max card limit)

whats our minimum card limit

card in hand limit? ways to break it?

Author:  YomToxic [ Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game


Author:  joshex [ Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game

could call the deck a "Universe"

not so sure about gravyard but lets get everyone's opinions on it. MAYBE "Gravyard" can be a card

the main area is "the play area" it is not segmented like yugioh, it's free like MTG but players should keep things generally organized to avoid confusion.

play stages, MTG and Yugioh both had strict play stages like you can't play new cards during the battle stage. I suggest a more simplistic approach, 2 stages:

Action - this stage is where cards are played and battles are done. allowing players to continually summon/play things as long as they are able (have enough cash magic good etc).

End - end is when you pay the piper for any mistakes such as failing to pay upkeep (the card goes to the nap room) other players and mediates such as referees should help you during this stage by making sure there's nothing you need to do.

Author:  joshex [ Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game

I have a friend who can print the actual cards, he's got a professional playing card printer.

what else was I going to say?

Oh yeah, land, I once typed up a thing called magi-oh yu-gic which was rules for playing a mixed game where you could use magic or Yugioh cards or any combination of the 2. one thing that I wanted to incorporate but never got around to was using land cards as actual summoning grounds.

the idea is this, if we use a land card system we would use them as the playing field, each player starts off with so many random land (before the start of the game remove all land cards from your deck, shuffle the land cards, draw X land cards( 3? 5? 7?) this is your starting field that you can arrange however you like, Next return the remaining land to your deck and shuffle (this is for speed because in magic it's slow cause it takes forever to get enough land out to do anything, sometimes you go 3 turns without the ability to play or summon, that's not cool). keep in mind that you can only summon or play things on your side of the table (unless the card says different) also keep in mind that some characters may not have a ranged attack and may have to physically approach another target to attack it. where one of their numbers, (maybe ATK or DEF based on the mode of the character) is their move allowance. they also can't cross blank spots on the field unless they can fly and have enough moves to pass it.

Once land are placed they cannot be moved, but players can expand the field by placing more and more cards between them and their opponent making it harder to travel from one side to the other.

it can also be used to set traps such as narrow passages guarded by ranged characters.

some characters may require so much open connected land on your side of the board to be summoned.

+ speed, for game play speed reasons, players can play as many land as they have in their hand (unlike in MTG where you can only play 1 per turn). additionally every time you start a turn you must have at least a minimum hand (maybe 7 cards?), meaning if you use all your cards you get a fresh hand of 7 next turn.

you can only draw extra cards if you are told to by a card text, at which point your hand may exceed 7 cards at the end of the turn with no penalty.

so it's more than just a card game, it becomes a board game too.

we can also add move restrictions, like if a green card moves across a red land it costs 3 move points to move onto it, where as a green card moving onto green land is 1 move point. a green moving onto a blue could be 0/0.5 move points. based on the strength or weakness to that color. for example green = plant = drinks water(blue) = burns with fire (red) = can't climb mountains (brown) fast, some terrain could even damage when a character steps on it, and have a dramatic damaging effect based on attribute(color)

land with card's color: 1 move point
land with color weak to card's color: 0/0.5 move points (not counted unless it's a whole number)
land with color not interacting with card's color: 2 move points.
land with color strong against card's color: 3 move points.

land card stacking can increase the move cost, for example 3 mountains stacked may cost most other card types 9 move points!

players going over said mountains would have to wait so many turns untill they've paid the total move. so for example a character with 3 ATK in ATK mode has to move onto the mountain then wait 3 turns before progressing.

what do people think of this?

ALSO when talking card suits: CUM Suit (White cards)
strengths? increased magic good and general sluttiness and depravity.
weaknesses? ? lower def or atk?

Author:  joshex [ Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Forkheads TCG Trading Card Game

Suit: Cum
Cost: ?
Tentacle Grape
type: Edit (can be attached to a target character
Effect: Hold - this character is held and cannot move, attack or block. + 1 Magic Good, -1 ATK, -1 DEF

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