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 The Empty Promises of Crowdfunding ([Showcases of] Games) 
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 The Empty Promises of Crowdfunding ([Showcases of] Games)
Crowdfunding, it's basically a donation, or rather an investment to fund something. It's not always profitable (or even successful), but more akin on the gambling side, where stock market dividends are an investment on the promise that you can sell back your stock share properties. Even though you may make losses, you can do (a bit of) grease work to gain back profit margins before selling off the badly reputed/discredited company shares.

Don't compare stocks to loans because loans are I.O.U.s that relies on repayment including interest. Hardly profitable, but it's like you have money to throw away and you just want to make a little money on the side, over time. You would have to make sure that the borrower can repay the terms. Otherwise, it's gun dueling repossession time! No, down payment is just payment of some price, no more, no less. That again, is like the wild west or new world, a battle of toil and empty promises with wars to boot.

So what's crowdfunding, really? It boils down to either donations or investment.

If it's really an investment, it means you have interest to see this funded research/operation going. Of course, just paying doesn't really do shit. It as the same as if the research/operation stops and doesn't really do shit. We can boil down this type of investment more as an exchange of goods, services, and capital. Personally, the investment can go down to hands on research/operation. That's when you have to pull up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It's the same story with the grasshopper and the ants, say what you would say.

If it's really an donation, it means you pay on the terms to see this funding research/operation going. Of course, you are just paying, that's about it. There's no promise, guarantee, or warranty, that success shall be continued or even realized. I hope that donatee did have some (physical) means of produced goods or services done beforehand. Even research is something. Then at least you would know it's considered real, for the moment. Yes, I see things on the grand scale of exchange between wealth and morals.


So... what about showcases, exhibitions, particularly of funding game production? Well, let us see shall we? In some of these crowdfunding platforms, I only see videos, images, which is at least something. Only if it were the focus of the funds! I see no demos (so what, call me shitee sharewares) whatsoever. If anyone pays to donate on the basis of seeing videos and images, but no demos, guess what? You would have made exchange based on videos and images, and only videos and images.

If the production comes short, they can pull the plugs on the site and skaddle outta here! Well, fuck you got scammed, if not screwed, big time! It's not just big time, but 100% defrauded! Where's the security interest and tort? Something like Subverse shouldn't been taken lightly, raising that much on ads alone? OMG! Well, it eventually becomes space shooter with media add-ons. I don't think it would account for too much anyways, but hey, it's like Duke Nukem Forever, which took over a decade.

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