Food Bank Inquiries
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Author:  RV-007 [ Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Food Bank Inquiries

This might be important to bookmark or subscribe. Let's go with it.

So I happened to find a food bank cardboard box with plenty of bland nutrient inefficiency. The cereal they provide doesn't have milk, well, except for space powder milk. (Healthy) water supplies is something you're on your own for. Spaghetti noodles without any tomato pasta sauce or the like? Least it's fiber. There is chicken, corn, and pear cans. Chicken for the protein, corn for the... vegetables thing, pears for the phosphorous. There is also some light fruit juice for the lightly acidic vitamin c supplement. Peanut butter? What the fuck is it doing here? Sucking dick with butter on it? Fuck you!

Okay, I was thinking, the cereal's too crap unless combined with space powder milk. Boiling chicken (with clean ass water, no canned water!) first, noodles second, and corn last. All tossed into the plate/bowl after water draining. No oil/spices for this round. We starting with basics here. The pears and fruit juice can be consumed without any cooking or fermentation process. No, I don't think another artificial process can make marketable alcoholic drinks or even sauerkraut (too long for hunger). We don't have about peanut butter.

So yeah, it certainly feels like those food crates air drops in the eastern bloc. Or even post-Cold War Amsterdam scenarios. What you do with it to be as creative as possible under restraints? We being beggars under fire. What's your take about what to do with food bank box contents? Did I mention that canned foods could be unhealthy as fast foods? The canned chicken also make me feel like vomit.

Author:  RV-007 [ Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Food Bank Inquiries

Hmmm.. okay.

It seems like the peanut butter issuance is due to cost efficiency; however it would be too calories extensive (link for reference).

It appears that a jar of peanut butter is for jacking the big jacking, but I digress. I'm just saying that peanut butter ain't really healthy, can be dry. I would really prefer if they put some muscle into nutrition supplement, you know, get the vitamin requirement done? I'll admit, it won't stop hunger, but as long there's life, there's wretched/wicked lust.

I was thinking that space food might be of some use like preserving beef jerky? Hopefully it ain't that dry.

Author:  RV-007 [ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Food Bank Inquiries

ARGH! Milk powder sucks dick! It's like water and sugar or something like that! ARGH!

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