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Author:  timmyt333 [ Fri May 17, 2019 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Identity

Recently I paid 30 bucks for a game it's an animal called identity and it came out I think like a year ago or at least it was announced a year ago and it was released on Steam I'd say about four months ago and I'm here to get my thoughts on it identity is essentially like second life but which way better graphics and from what I've seen so far more to really do to be fair the game seems to be in an alpha or beta state so you can only really explore a very small portion of the town a few shops and a movie theater there's no money system in place yet so you sort of get everything for free but the cool thing about it is everything in the game is permanence if I leave my apartment and forget to shut my door until I log back in and go in there and shut it myself the door will remain open and because everything is happening you know within the server there's really no load time which is both good and bad good because obviously there's no load times and everything is seamless bad because it can be texting on your computer especially if you play for long periods of time so the optimum way to play things right now is to figure out what you want to do get in do it and then leave provided they make good on all their promises the Firearms when they're implemented should have real world physics they're even adding is Gunsmithing profession so I know exactly what the fuck I'm going to do another thing that school is there is an actual movie theater where you can sit down and watch movies with people and it changes every couple of hours I haven't done it myself because I'm honestly a bit lost but I know it's a thing which I guess is part of the reason why things can be the way that they are in the game what with the heating up your system and all Because if you think about it it's loading the entire game while streaming a movie everyone even gets their own individual Apartments like if you were to play with me right now my Apartments would be the same no matter what and yours would be probably on a different floor or we might be neighbors I've also heard that you'll be able to buy a house big enough to where you can have your friend so I'm with you but I don't know if it's true all in all I give the game in its current state a 4 out of 10 the customization is great but so far that's the only thing you can do soon as they make good on the promise I'm sure I'll be able to give this game like a 9 1/2 out of 10

Author:  Odin Anarki [ Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Identity

I am not even going to read this because you need to use periods and/or the enter key. this makes my eyes :fireeye

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