i guess this is where i would post this; cosplay weapons
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Author:  JasperBeauclair [ Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:46 am ]
Post subject:  i guess this is where i would post this; cosplay weapons

my friend and i are thinking of starting a cosplay store
first we can only make wooden weapons until we can make enough to buy resin and the chemical stuff to make fibreglass and stuff
we need a few sales to get this started before we can be really serious make sure we can make it as a business

so we can take offers

he specialises in swords but we can make scythes and things
heres a unfinished "artorias cursed greatsword" from darksouls
Spoiler: show

and keyblades from kingdom hearts
Spoiler: show

we can paint the weapon, leave it unpainted, use your choice of wood (we have mostly compressed birch here though), or leave it in pieces and send it for you if you want to put it together and paint it yourself

we can do customs but please provide image and detail of it

please keep in mind these are completely handmade and take days and work and these are not cheap, prices start at $70 (usd)
$70 is the price of a 2 or 3ft sword without a lot of pieces, the greatsword of artorias is 6ft long and would cost about $150 unpainted, you still pay for shipping and stuff so please do not expect to pay $100 for a 5ft ornate cloud's buster sword or something; also as reference i have provided other stores with wooden swords

Spoiler: show ... l=y&af=ppc

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