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 Joshex's Immigration Reform Proposal 
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Post Joshex's Immigration Reform Proposal
So the leader of the US senate said people should draft their immigration reform proposals.

I decided I should post mine.

now a lot of you are probably expecting me to be like "make a moat" (see previous post about trump's wall, moats are way more effective. can't tunnel cause you'll drown and cant climb over it because it's not a wall, and you can fill it with deadly things like poisonous snakes and crocodiles and sharks so you can't swim and can put in barricades and whirlpools to stop/sink boats.

now.. that was only under the conditions of the law. the current law states crossing the border illegally is a crime. I follow the law so.. yeah it's a crime and needs some punishment.

However that is not how I believe. Personally I am a MarcoPolist. I believe travel to another country should be free for the purpose of tourism or even personal business (not counting working) and that stays should not be limited but those staying should make some effort to update the border authorities on the conditions of their stay periodically.

So it would still be illegal to work in the US for illegals including hiring their illegal relatives to work at their legal company. But people could travel legally to the US with as little as ID documents that can be verified at the border (so long as they are not on any government blacklists, or so long as they have no criminal record, ICE has the authority to run a thorough background check and or surveillance on them to determine if they are taking part in nefarious activities, and can expel them if such is found out.), for as long as they like and can open a business there. They would have to file for a EIN (Employer Identification Number) and pay taxes, but would have no recourse to public or government assistance or funds, including welfare, social security, unemployment, humanitarian donations/aid, government healthcare or any government health insurance ETC.

They would be able to send their children to US schools but will have to pay extra for that. health insurance or health care can be bought separately at their leisure. And persons with a contagious disease will be forbidden from entry.

They and their children would have no ability to file for citizenship even through marriage, cannot join the military, cannot hold government offices or take government work, and cannot vote. There would be some exceptions such as if their business becomes successful enough to be listed on the stock exchange.

Funds they earn would be limited to US purchases only, and there would be a small federal allowance for them to spend/send money they have made internationally per month (enough to cover the living expenses of 2 persons, who must be Either a grand parent or other blood relative who is not on any international or government blacklists) all transactions must be submitted to the gov for approval.

Persons living under these rules will have: no freedom of speech (cannot say anything bad or voice political opinions), or freedom of the press (cannot be in operation of a media organization), and will not have any constitutional rights that are not granted under basic international rights (I.E. any rights which are for citizens only). and must abide by all laws of the country.

Penalties: I suggest the following penalties:

for people who enter the country illegally: #1: a fine. #2: a federal investigation of all actions done while in the USA (at your expense) and prosecution of all crimes.

Any crime: the punishment is up to the court and can include deportation for a period of the same time they would go to jail.

People who entered the country as a child and stayed illegally after becoming adults (especially if they married to a US citizen and could have filed for a marriage visa and green card to become legal but decided not to): #1: A fine to the amount of the total government benefits taken by the individual (Ex; pay off their school education, pay off school lunches, pay off any state or federal assistance, pay any wage related taxes due.)

Punishment for entering the border at non-official checkpoints: Arrest, police interrogation for the purpose of asking why you decided to cross the border at this place versus an officially sanctioned border crossing, police have the right to place you under watch if they feel you are suspicious after this interrogation. "I was lost in the desert and starving and thirsty" can be checked with a simple blood test, "I was running from [bad something]" can be checked with further investigation, pretty much anything else puts you under watch. repeat offenses will be treated as criminal actions regardless of evidence "we told you not to do it, but you did it again, and again, and again, you're doing something illegal here and we have a right to block your entry for it".

Humanitarian Deportation: if a person is found to be unable to support themselves, or to have been a subject of indentured servitude they will be returned to their country without criminal conviction on the grounds of being worse-off in the US.

People who had worked in the US illegally, must identify the employers and must verify their wages. if the wages were/are not legal wages (below minimum or below the average wage for that job) the employer will be charged with a criminal offense of sweat-shopping and can lose their business.

People coming for aide: if they are coming from a country in a legit emergency state they may apply for asylum at their own expense. if not able to afford their life in the US they will be declined. if they are found to be potentially dangerous or believe contrary to the laws of the US they may also be declined. If accepted they would be able to work in the US but not claim benefits, nor vote, nor have an ability to get citizenship, nor work for the government in any capacity. they must also take an oath that they understand this is not their home country and that the laws of their home country except if the same will not be tolerated and that they will be required to leave once their country is in a state of peace again. All family members wishing to work in the USA must also apply on their own before entry, otherwise they will be granted basic "tourism/business entry rights" and forbidden from working, you may count your financial ability towards sustaining them at federal rates for the sustaining of a person. these family members must meet the basic entry requirements in addition.

All persons entering the country for the first time under these rules or being found living in the US under these rules must go to an official government office and take a standardized English test to determine if they know enough English to live in the US. they must also take an oath that they understand this is not their home country and that the laws/culture of their home country (except if the same) will not be tolerated here.

US authorities have the right (with evidence of possible criminal/terrorist activity) to limit religious freedom of persons entering this way, including limitations about religious garbs(clothing), mannerisms and actions, religious expressions, and association with religious bodies or their members in the US to prevent radicalization or association with suspected terror cells for the purpose of preventing the development of other nefarious actions. I.E. an islamic man might be denied access to certain mosques the feds deem suspicious (at any level, or that have produced suspicious persons at any level) or might be denied access to any mosques if the feds background check comes back as "inconclusive" to prevent a possible terror coach from radicalizing locals. this part can only be employed by federal agents who have reasons and evidence (no matter how partial) related to terror or crime.

if people think this is good, then send it to a senator.



got any?

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