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 Holy Shit News special report! : Gay Actvists are insane 
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So there was this Guy who decided he wanted to be a non-conformist by dressing, acting and getting surgery and hormones to look like a lady. he was dong the typical liberal thing and going through the ropes of going to a liberal college to be praised for his liberal life-style.

well, I guess the dude got bored of being praised and when he noticed all the other students were equally praised and equally gender-bending and messed up I guess he realized the "all snowflakes are special" thing versus the "you're a special snowflake" thing he'd heard growing up. So he decided he needed to push the boundaries even further, he needed to be different again. anything that would get him attention. So he got a knife and started parading around the campus waving it.

when the police were called they took this as a very serious matter, a knife or gun on campus being used in this manner constitutes a dangerous person and by law if a person seems unapproachable due to their weapon flaring and officers cannot aim for a limb it's their job to take the individual down by any means necessary to keep them away from the rest.

The idiot snowflake knew this and said "shoot me shoot me" to taunt the cops because he wanted to be a martyr for Fucked-UpRights for gay people to have weapons and use them on college campuses or some shit.

so the cornholes that be called the liberal movement have begun martyring this insane disturbed individual by claiming they wont stop fighting for gay rights and that this guy was a hero.


imagine this:

Gay trans man stabs 5 at gunpoint then peels thier skin and eats them and mails the feces to thier parents, gay man is arrested, liberal response: "this is a hate crime you're only arresting him and treating him different from other serial killers because he's gay! FREE HIM NOW!" riots ensue in the streets of the major cities, political pressure is put on supreme court justices to add serial killing to the list of gay rights.



got any?

His name is not Robert Paulsen, His name is Gregory Matthew Bruni, he won so hard.

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:58 pm
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