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Author:  joshex [ Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:24 am ]
Post subject:  GBP Vs. EUR

after a 10 year study of the averages of the exchange rate comparison between the UK pound and the Euro, I have surmised that there is actually a steady growth rate of the Pound versus the Euro under all normal conditions and that even with adverse effects from artificially insinuated dips via angered Euro trading butthurtness due to Brexit the rate of growth of the UK pound is around 0.025 per 8 months.

after doing some fancy calcsturbations to project this growth even with Euro zone butthurtness attempting to drag the pound down, the pound will recover to it's former high to be worth 1.4 Euros per pound by shortly into 2026 a little over 8 years into the future.

Author:  joshex [ Fri May 11, 2018 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

already at 1.13 euros to the pound (average, it has been at 1.15 but came back down to a level spot at my predicted growth). by the end of brexit in march 2021 it'll be 1.24 euros to the pound.

it goes up at a little less than 0.01 per 3 months stably.

Author:  joshex [ Thu May 24, 2018 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

did a new set of more complete calculations based on current data.

Brexit March 2019 High 1.19038 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 High 1.25512 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Average 1.1728683 euros to the pound.
FUll Brexit March 2021 Average 1.237825 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Low 1.16223125 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 Low 1.22635375 euros to the pound.

Author:  joshex [ Thu May 24, 2018 10:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

with my knowledge of economics it's possible there will be a big eat of 1% of the value of the euro (a big loss) in 2021 when the UK stops paying dues. I predict at least a drop of 1% total currency value (TCV, 200 Bil euro) in addition to the Euro's normal fall rate.

After that there could be a lot of chaos in the EuroZone's currency due to a loss of faith because of a big drop and lots of traders losing money the outcomes of that however are unpredictable. it could fall another 1% to 10% because of quick selloffs to protect assets. I assume it wont go over 3% initially in sell offs after the initial 1% drop, 10% is a possibility if that selloff of 1% to 3% triggers more uncertainty and a landslide of investors trying to get out.

Knowing the EuroZone well, such a loss of 1% will trigger furious huffing and puffing drooling money grubbing hands of european zone parliament and supreme court government to exact a profit regain sceme including blackmailing foreign companies for "late dues, fees and taxes" telling them "we expected you to contribute your fair share to our economy as in the law binding contract for your company's operation here, as our current losses show you have not done enough and must suffer financial penalties because of it"

that will trigger companies to leave the Eurozone purely for financial considerations (where they will go is uncertain, if they still want to remain close to the Euro zone for sales they'll operate in the UK, if they want to scrap operations there because they see the market caving in they will go back to the US, Canada and Australia.) regardless their political support for Eurovalues. the way the left works is driven by money, you threaten their profits and they throw everything they stood for in the air and walkaway.

so yeah that could see the eurozone lose the majority of foriegn investments. at which point the numbers would look something like this (providing the business doesn't all go to the UK):


Brexit March 2019 High 1.2022838 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 High 1.2676712 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Average 1.184596983 euros to the pound.
FUll Brexit March 2021 Average 1.25020325 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Low 1.1738535625 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 Low 1.2386172875 euros to the pound.


Brexit March 2019 High 1.2260914 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 High 1.2927736 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Average 1.208054349 euros to the pound.
FUll Brexit March 2021 Average 1.27495975 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Low 1.1970981875 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 Low 1.2631443625 euros to the pound.


Brexit March 2019 High 1.309418 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 High 1.380632 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Average 1.29015513 euros to the pound.
FUll Brexit March 2021 Average 1.3616075 euros to the pound.

Brexit March 2019 Low 1.278454375 euros to the pound.
Full Brexit March 2021 Low 1.348989125 euros to the pound.

remember this is only under the conditions that I can predict

the acual brexit 2019 values probably will not change according to these tables, instead see my previous post. I highly doubt a fall of 10% by 2019 even 3% is laughable by 2019, unless the EUrozone does something incredibly stupid, risky and greedy. 1% is possible.

there is also a currency bubble threat in the EU because they are constantly printing more money to settle more jobless immigrants (even though the syrian war is over and all the refugees should go back where they belong)

Author:  joshex [ Fri May 25, 2018 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

Considering the financial bubbles already threatening the EU, such as unemployment, immigration overflow, weak economies in greece and poland and an unstable southern ireland, and also factoring he way investment works, I calculated it all up, they will lose a definite 3% not too long after brexit 2021. that 3% could easily turn investors and businesses running and will definitely trigger a EU loan shark corporate policy. I predict a maximum loss (with all countries remaining in the EU except the UK) of 28% which would look something like this:

Full Brexit March 2021 High 1.6065536 euros to the pound.

FUll Brexit March 2021 Average 1.584416 euros to the pound.

Full Brexit March 2021 Low 1.5697328 euros to the pound.

however this would also increase the earning potential of the UK by possibly double that amount.

instead of +0.02 it'd be more like +0.0256 per 6 months.

if the businesses leave S Ireland they will protest, if the business goes from S Ireland to the UK SIreland will rebel and probably leave the EU (as I said they are unstable they are only strong parts of the EU because the EU strategically treats them reall really well. if the gravy train stops S Ireland will demand all it's money back and become an independant country outside of the EU and Euro, and eventually being on it's own pockets it'd realize it can;t sustain itself so it'd be forced to rejoin the UK. It'd only be a blow of about 6% of the Euro.

Greece and Poland would exit sooner though as the Eu already treats them poorly, imagine how they'd be treated if the EU was tight on cash value.

I foresee france exiting late, after things in the bureaucracy go sour and germany starts the 4th reich. so they wont have an economic impact on the Euro which will probably be long dead by then.

Spain will leave earlier they have no love of a bad market. their king and military general president rajoy will probably exit second or 4th after the UK, simply because wheen the UK is no longer the "lend me some booze money guy" they will turn to the next richest country besides brussels (because they are the leader why should they have to pay anything? this is how they think)

So I predict that after the UK leaves Spain will be let footing the bills and will leave. however Poland and greece may leave first. so lets say all 3 of them leave. the EU would actually stand to see gains from the loss of welfare states poland and greece. if that happens before the loss of spain it may be enough extra funds to keep spain from leaving, until things adjust a few years later and they start asking spain for money. So around 2025. thats when spain will exit.

then it'll be down to portugal, italy, holland, sweeden and norway to foot the bills of the EU crazed scheme but I suspect portugal will leave because it is then physically disconnected from the EU and can;t enjoy the ease of the freedom of movement it pays for.

italy will probably come next, they've already had enough of the EU but at this time they are still loyal. they'll stay till they see drops of prominent countries (spain and portugal).

germany is in it to the end they're basically the assistant leader.

after that sweeden and norway would probbly opt out, then holland and austria. thats when the 4th reich would start in germany and brussels. then france would hastily try to make an exit with armed support from allies. the eastern European states would probably opt out at this time or sooner.

Author:  joshex [ Tue May 29, 2018 11:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

Historically in 2000 and 2001 the Euro fell below the value of the US dollar and at that time the british pound sterling was worth on average 1.5 to 1.6 euros and even spiked as high as 1.72.

late in 2001 the EU started throwing butthurtness and demanded the UK start paying money into the EU projects and dues. by doing so they lowered the earnings value of the Uk pound to 1.4 euros and this earnings went straight to the euro allowing the euro to pull a con job and sling shot itself back above the US dollar.

in 2021 the gravy train stops. so it's not unfeasible to see the predicted drop back to normal rates and see the Euro fall below the US dollar and have the pound be worth 1.6 euros.

kinda funny cause I went looking at the history of the Euro vs pound and found my 28% predicted numbers to be reasonable.

by charging the Uk dues and fees they took away 0.25 of the pound's value. so the pound will get that back. even with my "no problems" predicted numbers that's 1.47 to 1.5 euros to the pound.

if you add a 28% market shock and other leaving countries, that's as high as 1.92 euros to the pound. at which point the canadian and australian dollars could beat it. man thats low.

Author:  RV-007 [ Wed May 30, 2018 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: GBP Vs. EUR

I should know that there is a something something (post-Cold War behind the scenes) that be a factor influencing the matter of general level prosperity. However, we are only looking at the currency values at short sight for this topic. I guess for the Europeans, they should care as it is their life propensity at stake! After all, a extreme recession/depression happened after the fall of the curtain. Major European event I should say.

May God Save the Queen (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus)! It was the empire on which the sun never sets. And of its legacy long remembered here after.

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