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 [ZDoom_Mod/Release/NSFW] Blood of bin Laden Monsters v14 
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Post [ZDoom_Mod/Release/NSFW] Blood of bin Laden Monsters v14
On (late) social justice warriors...

The Arabs had it with Azazel, but one decided to do the most daring act ever made in modern history! That one, is Osama bin Laden. After kicking down the WTC/WTO twin towers, bin Laden thought he could reached a higher note of utter destruction. In a few secret treacherous transactions, bin Laden decided to obtain nuclear power!!! He was trying to form a contact with Iran Inc. Unfortunately, the Sunnis and Shais can't get along. bin Laden's public image was forever lost to obsurity. However, the fight is not over yet for the big guns. In an unexpected report, bin Laden's forces successfully overtook several nuclear facilities. Countdown has already begun as a untrusting global alliance scrambles to fight an inevitable threat. With twists and turns around every corner, everyone is keeping another eye on each other while the clock runs down.

Blood of Bin Laden Monsters:
Blood of Bin Laden Ally Imperialist Items:

Skins List:
Spoiler: show
Blood of Bin Laden Skins (for the default DoomPlayer player class):
For Jihad Skins (for the default DoomPlayer player class):

Roster List:
Spoiler: show
I didn't made a monster roster for Blood of bin Laden monsters before, but it would be better if I had this for last (besides the iwad map testing). It's best to do the intermission cast block last, where I can finally round up the monsters to be present in the game. Yes, it's a lame marketing move amidst @ first post. The wad is about monsters, so obviously, I should present the monsters. However, the list becomes more informative and detailed @ best. Best of all, I don't really have to go back and update stuff and lalala.

Azlam Boy
What became of the shrinking force of bin Laden, an Azlam boy can't shoot a gun. However, he can fling a molotov cocktail and plant some mines. His participation in combat seems to stem from anger. He doesn't look like much, but a good hit with a sticky flame around objects will ensure a quick death. The mines can be placed in areas unseen to the eye so shoot around the corners, stairs, and corpses.

al-Qaeda Gunman
It's the al-Qaeda gunman and he is armed with an experimental gun. Unfortunately for him, it's a gun that kinda suck. While not as accurate, a short distance or grenade can kill off a healthy player.

Taliban Fighter
It's the paid Taliban fighter and he is armed with an AK-47 assault rifle. He's basically the dude with some good gun accuracy so make use of cover and crouching when possible!

Taliban Rocketeer
It's the paid Taliban rocketeer and he is armed with an quad-rocket launcher. His four rockets can hit anywhere around his view so keep your eyes steady and feet dancing. It's like he has a shotgun so use the opportunity for a hit when he's reloading.

Suicide Bomber
Suicide bombers are the stuff of legends when it comes to journalism about post-9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. These guys are a bit different in the case that they fling not one, but three dynamite of flames. A sitting duck is a roasted duck so move it, not forward.

Magical Piranha
Somehow in some way, magical Middle Eastern stuff came to the aid of bin Laden's forces. While these schools of fish flap an ocean wave audio, their worse effect comes into a flurry of rushes. A direct contact with the target will result in a blender of hurt and pain. Your best move is to keep on moving or use a one hit kill weapon.

Jimmy Carter Spirit
Haunting to torment America and the entire world, the spirit of Jimmy Carterism is back! He will raise the dead once again into their natural state and sometimes summon suicide bombers. Being a spiritual nature allows Jimmy Carterism to transverse thru walls and climb/drop heights like it was nothing. The Jimmy Carter spirit seeks to reclaim the tragedy of the Soviet-Afghan War, the funding of Iran Inc., and the underdevelopment of the Iraq-Iran War (where are the Afghanistan mujahideen and South Asian naval support when you need them?). Hell, even Gandhi runs a better campaign than him (maybe he should have helped too regardless of the non-violence claim [we all knew campaigns are pragmatic])! Regardless, the spirit is relentless to bring a butt load of pain and hurt.

bin Laden Imposter
With only one original leader, some of his most entrusted soldiers are granted privilege of being the voice and arm of bin Laden. Being a leader allows the raising of loyal terrorists. Not only are they endowed with leadership and charisma, being armed with a repeat fire quad-rocket launcher makes these imposters a rocket turret capable of demolishing walls and calling a flanking suicide bomber.

Bunker Hut
What looks like a hut is actually a entrance to a tunnel of terrorists. Once a target is sighted, soldiers of all kinds will clamber up the tunnel to defend the immediate area. Of course, they are not careful enough to keep the hut up. A destroyed hut will block passage of more terrorists.

Taliban CUBV
It's a (loaned) Taliban car and it got a healthy dose of points plus a slewful of bullets. Of course, the al-Qaeda gunman gets to drive/shoot since he didn't have a good deal of a gun.

Taliban Blimp
It's a paid Taliban blimp and it got a healthy dose of points plus a storm of rockets. An idle target will be nailed down on the floor within seconds. A Taliban rocketeer pilots this beast of a bird.

Downed Plane
Armed with a repeat fire of one bin Laden imposter and vehicles, this nightmare factory is one fortress that can decimate with numbers in either rockets or vehicles. As a healthy stack of points, this wreck can continue dishing out explosive projectiles in multiple coordinates. Not to mention the building capability of Taliban CUBVs and blimps being a hail storm of bullets and rockets. Should the plane fall apart, a bin Laden imposter and Jimmy Carter spirit will make sure to bring the power of infantry upon any weakened adversary.

Azlam Woman Green, Azlam Woman Red, Azlam Woman Yellow
Within the newly acquired territories of bin Laden, some wives and so and so accompany their partners. While they are of no threat, they can be a bit annoying in their screams of innocence.

Auto Rifle Unit
As the remaining (friendly) sniper guards of the recently taken facilities, the auto rifle unit will do his utmost best to reclaim the parameters from terrorism. With areas at risk, one can know so much in who would take invested interests in weapons of mass destruction.

United States Marine
Storming in with all guns ablazing, the United States marines are on the hunt to put down the fire before it spreads. With a M-16 assault rifle, you can be sure that these bullets and grenades are put to good use as friends in combat assistance.

Light Machine Gun Unit
Much rarer than the auto rifle unit, this heavily armed friend can keep a firewall against terrorists. The sheer firepower of this unit questions whether his gun is a weapon of mass destruction and if there is any morality for a use of this weapon?

Soviet Union Tank
A ironic friend of the Berlin Wall and now counter-terrorism, this unit will stream roll walls to crush and pound any opposition. Any person with the given ability to call on this tank will be glad of its quick execution of surrounding threats. Those threats do not currently include rivals of the Soviet union.

A hostage that might need saving. He will provide minor items should he be found. Not much is known about him. Might be a terrorist spy.

Spoiler: show
Don't even trust the lil ones. That lil nabber!

Joke monster in shades of green, red, and yellow.

al-Qaeda gunman coming to a public hall near you!

The Taliban just wants to give a warm welcome, w/ a AK-47!!!

No? Then have some rockets instead!

Suicide bombing!

Dangerous delicacy!

The return of the Jimmy Carter years! DUH DUH DUH!

Hello, bin Laden impasta! >:|

Uh oh, they awake!

Rollin' with da Taliban!

Just an example of power in those blimp rockets.

Downed plane got some wheels for you! :>

Your various allies (well, sort of)

Notes + Standard:
Spoiler: show
+Full requirements
-ZDoom v2.7.0+ (just for maintaining updated code, of course v2.6.1 was necessary)
-Doom2 iwad (for dialogue script implementation [but this is not necessary])
-e4m# in Doom1 (Ultimate Doom) iwad is not playable (use doom || doom2 iwad instead [freedoom helps, but prepare to be fucking skooled {multiplayer survival + item respawn would just be fair}])
-Gameplay screen resolution minimum of 640+x480+ (for dialogue script implementation [but this is not necessary])
-I really should warn people of audio lag w/ large areas (apply 'no sound' string value in output system parameter when necessary [don't forget to restart sound and possibly 320x200 window resolution {greyscale wad for rendering purposes link}]); then again, this wad is not intended for a slaughter fest
-Access to Task Manager application

+Stuff for show-and-tell:
-Automatic InvulnerabilitySphere item start on map enter works now for multiple players
-Use crouch, and jump; it's not cheating, it's for gameplay
-Alzam Boy is on the move to fling molotov cocktails and plant landmines [see ZombieMan])
-al-Qaeda_Gunman uses experimental bullet/grenade gun (see ShotgunGuy)
-Taliban_Fighter rolls out as the main gunner (see ChaingunGuy)
-Taliban_Rocketeer awaits to rocket some targets (See Revenant)
-Suicide_Bomber is ready to risk death for some fancy firework (See DoomImp)
-Magical_Piranha swims and frits in mid-air! (See LostSoul)
-Jimmy_Carter_Spirit harnesses the power of shadowy evil relations (See PainElemental)
-bin_Laden_Imposter is non-stop in the rocket power (See Archvile)
-Bunk_Hut houses the power of terror (See Fatso)
-Taliban_CUBV rolls by with drive-by (See Arachnotron)
-Taliban_Blimp is dropping on the target (See Cacodemon)
-Downed_Plane stands tall as the terror hall (See SpiderMasterMind)
-Azlam_Woman_Green can't stand the sight of you (See WolfensteinSS)
-Azlam_Woman_Red can't stand the sight of you (See WolfensteinSS)
-Azlam_Woman_Yellow can't stand the sight of you (See WolfensteinSS)
-Auto_Rifle_Unit stands by to take down threats against players (See DeadMarine, GibbedMarine, and GibbedMarineExtra)
-United_States_Marine is ready to provide players cover fire
-Light_Machine_Gun_Unit holds ground against terrorists at bay
-Soviet_Union_Tank tanks as the wall of irony as it does its work as a friend
-Hostage will provide the ammo, armor, and health items (See BlurSphere)
-Stealth monsters included
-Custom Marathon monsters ending intermission
-Monsters now call up all squadrons when target in sight (watch out now)

+Stuff yet/never done:
-I might try to work on a doom and doom1 iwad Strife conversation (non-map) ACS later (then I can use the independent non-map Strife conversation ACS [nevermind, there is no Strife conversation ACS independent from map lumps])
-I think I'll make projectiles that cut itself short to produce intercepting projectiles (that should work [if I could get the ThingID to change or switch id @ target]). Okay, I just want to make intercepting projectiles in the simplest manner possible
-I want to make monsters hear w/ Thing_Hate
-The Thing_Hate monster mob mentality code will cause the console command 'summonfriend (string value)' to lock down the engine due to a near-paradox definition (actually to interfere w/ manual saves for some reasons). Also will lock monster-hating to a specified TID (unless it is shot or the player is shot). Thing_Hate + PainChance 0 || +NOPAIN == +NOINFIGHTING w/ the exception of the given TID (especially for robos)
-Possible spawn spam lag for some actors.
-Will I ever get the random ConversationID array to loop continously in random variations?

+Stuff currently in progress:
-I might do TERRAIN lump, even though that might add up the lag (it might be more appealing)

Rhinoman n fireworks to come
Regurgitator monster resumed!, pixel by pixel...
Infernal_Pit spawn difficulty test?
qareena/qareen/corea/camelot=tyherantno puppet/censorship/envious instigator/arrogant usurper/pretense/warmongering/anti-neutrality embargo/siege fallen cheonson-ilminismist/ilminazmist nonrefugee transgressors;
Spoiler: show
Fraud Alert Renewal Month: March, June, September, and December
My ZDoom mods
Viva Le Resistance! (threat: see ☠Image☠ below...)
Metal tracking mods
Spoiler: show

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