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 [ZDoom_Mod/Release/SFW] Zeonic Front Monsters v02 
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Post [ZDoom_Mod/Release/SFW] Zeonic Front Monsters v02
First of all, I know that these monsters are like chess pieces w/ hardly any walking animation. Yes, the sprite perspective is definitively top-down due to its use in a tactical rpg. I am well aware of the perspective conflict of both rpg and fps, but I need something going so please bear w/ this error as the best as you can. I might go pixel spriting for aesthetics fixes if I can. If anyone wants to try, feel free to do so and the credits of the work will be credited to you.
A disclaimer for any Mobile Suit Gundam fan, I will not put any Earth Federation unit due to my own personal (if not selfish) preferences. Nor will I be politically correct in saying "mobile suits" instead of "units". Yes, I can make Earth Federation units as monsters, but I don't hate them enough to regard them as something that looks good enough (I don't dig that v crest thing on their forehead [looks goofy to me, but whatevers]). I just pick some Zeon units because they just look cool @ the general level. They will be monsters and sprites. They might also be some make-shift player class w/ their own unique characteristics + weapon. Note that the word "make-shift" means I will jut use the appropriate stock doom resources where it deems fit.

And now for the intro.
This is Zeonic Front Monsters, where the theme is Zeonic (from Mobile Suit Gundam Cross Dimension 0079), nothing else.
Glory to things dull and ulgy in color and the like!

Zeonic Front Monsters: ... ersv02.wad

Skins List:
Spoiler: show
Zeonic Front Skins (for the default DoomPlayer player class): ... insv00.wad

Roster List:
Spoiler: show
I didn't made a monster roster for zeonic front monsters before, but it would be better if I had this for last (besides the iwad map testing). It's best to do the intermission cast block last, where I can finally round up the monsters to be present in the game. Yes, it's a lame marketing move amidst @ first post. The wad is about monsters, so obviously, I should present the monsters. However, the list becomes more informative and detailed @ best. Best of all, I don't really have to go back and update stuff and lalala.

General Description: Flying/floating Zeon unit w/ a (not so accurate) rail rifle.
Model Number: MS-14A
Pilot(s): Zeon Pilots
Height: Unknown
Head Height: 19.2m
Weight: 42.1t
Equipped: 73.3t
Generator: 1440KW
Thruster: 61500KG
Information: The Gelgoog was built to be a mobile suit that could be armed with beam weaponry. The first prototype was scraped and soon work began on the Gelgoog we see now, and had built-in thrusters and a double sided beam saber. These suits are as powerful if not more powerful than the Gundam.

Zaku II
General Description: Normal Zeon unit w/ a machine gun.
Model Number: MS-06
Pilot(s): Gene & Denim
Height: Unknown
Head Height: 17.5m
Weight: 58.1t
Equipped: 73.3t
Generator: 951KW
Thruster: 43000KG
Information: This mobile suit plays a central role in Zeon Forces. With its many variations, it's considered Zeon's finest creation.

General Description: (Formerly amphibious) Zeon unit w/ a charged up mega particle cannon (automatic accurate rail rifle that fires exploding fiery projectiles).
Model Number: MSM-07
Pilot(s): Zeon Pilots
Height: Unknown
Head Height: 18.4m
Weight: 65.1t
Equipped: 96.4t
Generator: 2468KW
Thruster: 83000KG
Information: This amphibious mobile suit has superior mobility on ground. It is a well-balanced short and long-range unit, equipped with a mega particle cannon and grappling claws on each arm.

Spoiler: show
Those damn Zaku 02 mobile suit robots are attacking! God damnit! And damn do they look fucking boring! Smells like failure of a project stinking up here.

Here is Gelgoog, the fabulous, flying and shooting @ a corner near you!

Z'Goks can be quite the monkey!
Dragon Ball Z reference + 90s DANCE TECHNO! BOOM EER! BOOM EER! BOOM EER!

Notes + Standard:
Spoiler: show
+Full requirements:
-ZDoom v2.7.0+
-Doom2 iwad (for dialogue script implementation [which will be done later])
-I really should warn people of audio lag w/ large areas (apply 'no sound' string value in output system parameter when necessary [don't forget to restart sound and possibly 320x200 window resolution {greyscale wad for rendering purposes link}]); then again, this wad is not intended for a slaughter fest
-Tell others that if using a player class combo, make sure that the (applicable) thing id value is in sync with # 151.
-Familiar knowledge of ACS and doom editing in case of multiple file execution failure (something's up and ACS don't read though

+Stuff for show-and-tell:
-Use crouch, and jump; it's not cheating, it's for gameplay
-Zaku02, the iconic icon of the Republic of Zeon (see Zaku02)
-Gelgoog, the flying fat sniper man of the Republic of Zeon (see Gelgoog)
-Z'Gok, the fat monkey gunner dude of the Republic of Zeon (see Z'Gok)

+Stuff yet/never done:
-No Mobile Suit Gundam prop actors, where am I going to identify as one
-Having problems with the rail class actor's crash state (supposed to explode on impact [I guess it's not allowed])
-Intermission cast animation interfered w/ itself (cannot be much fixed for some reason)
-Analyzing lag vs coolness factor (w/ lag in mind)
-Analyzing the utmost gameplay difficulty w/ target identity tracking code (hehehe)

+Stuff currently in progress:
-Awaiting if I could get a more complete asset resource, otherwise, the project is consider complete!

Regurgitator monster in progress.
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