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 [ZDoom_Mod/Release/SFW] Icon of Sin BF for Doom 2 v07 
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Post [ZDoom_Mod/Release/SFW] Icon of Sin BF for Doom 2 v07
Seeing that my efforts to bring general online support to the recent zdoom codes/scripts, I moved on.
This wad allows the Icon of Sin to personally attempt to grill your ass. Two wads for both offline and Skulltag. If you got questions/comments, ask on this thread. Yes, the parent/child relationship script between bossbrain, raileyes, and fireybreath actors/objects is still under development.

Icon of Sin Boss Fight for Doom 2: ... om2v07.wad

Roster List:
Spoiler: show
I didn't made a monster roster for icon of sin boss fight for doom 2 before, but it would be better if I had this for last (besides the iwad map testing). It's best to do the intermission cast block last, where I can finally round up the monsters to be present in the game. Yes, it's a lame marketing move amidst @ first post. The wad is about monsters, so obviously, I should present the monsters. However, the list becomes more informative and detailed @ best. Best of all, I don't really have to go back and update stuff and lalala.

Icon of Sin
The Icon of Sin appears as a massive, goat-like biomechanical head on a wall, with a surgically exposed brain that allows it to spawn endless scores of demons. Although only its head is visible, the endgame text indicates that the entity has a gigantic body as well.

I'll tell you something, this Icon of Sin is not the same one, it can breathe fire and shoot poisonous laser beams out of its eyes. When defeated, it becomes its second disembodied head form, spitting and raining down mini copies of itself. Good thing that boss energy leak drops in useful plasma ammo. Use it.

Spoiler: show
The Icon misses.

The Icon hits!

The Icon hits again!


Here comes the Icon! (IOS is under WIP as a free floating monster)

IO got something for you!
It's raining spawn of sin! *disco* :D

Stay Puft! jk lol

Notes + Standard:
Spoiler: show
+Full requirements:
-ZDoom v2.7.0+ (just for maintaining updated code, of course v2.6.1 was necessary)

+Stuff for show-and-tell:
-Reading off the map coordinates is essential to make the spawned actors sit in the right place. Getting a acceptable coordinate could take a while. The SXF_ABSOLUTEPOSITION flag for the A_SpawnItemEx statment makes that calling actor/object to become the origin coordinate for the spawn actor. Use the map coordinate of both actor and bossbrain to determine and input distance.
-Watch the flames
-Watch the rails
-Watch the spawns (but kill some in case you want a random drop)
-New flame sprites!
-2nd stage boss in map30 (gotta kill 1st stage boss 1st [and be prepared for bits of hell]).

+Stuff to yet do:

+Stuff currently in progress:

Regurgitator monster postponed, pixel by pixel...
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