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 Damn Timed/Tic Constrained Dating Sims! 
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Post Damn Timed/Tic Constrained Dating Sims!
One thing I noticed about the dating sims of the past is that there is a limit of interaction ticks before a day is consumed. You are given a set number of days before you make of anything in this written get-go world. I usually don't know where to go before realizing a few mistakes to reach the desired ending(s). I know that I would miss to reach a checkpoint at a certain day. I would miss out unlocking a character. It's like you will definitely replay to unlock all the characters. The reward is usually CGs, but there's storytelling involved and romancing like. It's almost like those fighting games. Rinse, wash, and repeat, ain't it?

Nowadays, at least the visual novel dialogue stuff is being instated into other types of games more often (adventure, rpg, strategy, action, fps?). It doesn't always have to be between the character and player (frontal view), it can be between characters (side view) like those rpg things of the past (although I personally find the top-view graphics way down below monster graphics). CGs, that's a different subject.

Back to the gist of the thesis, I'm going to say that the time/tic constraint of these dating sims just suck. To some, time to get the pussy or something like that is a good drive. It's a lot of calculation to get to checkpoints. I sound like a limp dick shriveling up, but dating sims simulating dates with rpg stats doesn't cut out to be forming real girlfriend relationships. Sometimes, unexpected moments happen (some games implement that). External factors like associates can wreck havoc and cock blocka da stalka. HA HAAA!

I got no problem with dating sims, but time/tic constraints is like a race against time, particularly school themes. People go like, "I'm not getting any younger!" It's like a marriage ritual, rite of manhood, but there's no romance without finance (flawless movie reference). And that finance is usually not part time, bro!

If dating sims are just like picking up girls at the red light districts or strip joints, I'm okay with that because you're technically dating or socializing, even if it's just a dating sim. Most of the dating stuff have choice of dialogue and interaction. Just like those old school adventure books. Besides, these mediums go with the gigolette CGs. Church thing is a different thing though, when you take part in social circles. However, I'm not trying to say it's always the Roman gladiator arena and sexy women are ready and willing to serve the victor.

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