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 Anybody played Crossfire (1992), RPGWO? 2D MUDish? 
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Post Anybody played Crossfire (1992), RPGWO? 2D MUDish?
I heard somebody mentioned RuneScape, but that was in 2000s? I happened to play it before, but am not going to care due to 3d polygons that could fuck up my eyes. Poor me.

Maybe a different MMO, with visuals, of course. I used to play MUDs (90s stuff [HellMOO {this one sounds like adulterated freedom; don't really played this one, but kudos to swearing if not spamming}, Medievia {too many CENSORSHIP/disclaimers to the any time thing, possibly thematic name rule suckage, a little business for product sustainability; that's why there is the assumed polico facisto}, Dominia MUD {author's site failed?}, and Necromium {I hated the thematic name stuff rule, but I get that it's supposed to be a roleplay life?}? {all these muds have ansi map rendering/narrative for a simple mapping visual}]), great imagination scoping, communities varies from dedicated enough to sparse, but probably a bit tedious in terms of typing fingers. And it's not always the chat or text adventure commands. You can shortcut on keyboard alias, which turns into a console finger masher soon enough. You can't keep on doing that all the time! Finger Ergonomics!

Okay, how about Crossfire RPG (1992)? Top down rpg (45 degree angle though), big worlds, a bit expanded from traditional D&D in terms of class. I played it, got friendly help. No resource grinding outside of role playing elements (adventuring). Was idling fun with irc, lol. That was until there was some forced rule of picking stuff? I handed back the helpful stuff. Plus, there was some move to the Deliantra interface mess. It was a windows move. I rather stick to the Crossfire, but would not go too far in the ergonomics.

Back onto 2000s, but revamp on old skool? RPG World Online (and 2? What? User created world, nvm) was another great mmo. Low tier top-down graphics, no class (can change avatar graphics maybe?) but all (non-adventuring including) skills, slow hard (w/ auto :) ) grinding mess of all kinds of things. Great dedicated/idle community. Unfortunately, there are several server try outs plus server wipes, removing your character data for good. It's more for kicks and giggles. Living and dying again, kicking back a bit, if you can dig that. Was great progress though! EXCEPT FOR PLENTY OF SYSTEM BUGS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. SERVERS UNAVAILABLE? FORGET ABOUT PREMIUM/DONATION PERKS, SINCE SERVERS DO SHUT DOWN?

Now, I am going to try Wyvern (waiting for a PC version), a pixelated later Crossfire RPG variant with a possible 1st fps look (face front). This is great for my modding shit! I admit, I would go for the MUD from the list, but I'm going to be hurt and would want to look at more diversion possibilities rather than haggling with different game rules from traditional D&Dness (ancient class thingish, lots of worlds) to MoG (somewhat complicated class setups [limitation of slow/phased minions]), words style (I just mud to get some look/examine storyline gisto, IF I CAN BYPASS THEM DIFFICULTY/RULES [probably not too useful until I get some mapping in a tc going on {fuck, I should just hit the books then! Back to the pre-internet days!}]). So yeah, you'll probably see me in muds due to lack of technical requirement (just imaging try installing on each machine?). Crossfire just looks weird in that 45 degrees fashion. Actually, you will probably not see me communicate/play too much as there are usually freakin' rules that punish you for going talk wild from being talk mild. It's more like just play the damn game, damnit and nomore troubles from mer. What happen to letting loose, you know? And of course, there's the amount of fucking time you might spend in those funky games, so prepare to invest cracking your fingers. Tons of content though!

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