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 SBE's Monster Hunter Guide: Revisited 
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Post SBE's Monster Hunter Guide: Revisited
Some years ago, I started a bit of a guide on Monster Hunter but never really finished it or went super in detail as I should have. I've been wanting to revisit a lot of things as of late, and that guide was one such thing. So, I'm going to do a huge guide in one post regarding Monster Hunter.

As a preface, we'll be assuming Monster Hunter World mechanics. This is relevant due to that game having more details to it than most mainline games (which one can argue against, considering Generations has hunter styles and arts). But it is also relevant due to mechanics such as the slinger and the replacing of many items being replaced with pods, as well as a change in how some weapons work fundamentally to make them more rounded out (here's to you, bow users). The main reason for choosing MHW as the base game, however, is because it's the latest entry and more than enough Forkheads play the game, either on PC or PS4.

On this note, we will also include some insights regarding Iceborne content. Not necessarily spoilers, but mechanics and such related information will be at the fore of what we're going through.

What we won't be touching on too particularly is the meta or necessarily the "best" way to use a weapon or to play the game. I may give my insights, but don't take these too into consideration. I am a very biased hunter myself, and I often feel like I'm giving a tutorial. What I would recommend above all else is to play in a way that's fun to you. If you're not having fun, nothing else matters. So make sure you're at least having fun. Hopefully my guide can aid in that endeavor.

So, without further ado, let's begin!

SBE'S Monster Hunter Weapon Guide
Spoiler: show
The first guide I wanted to do was on weapons. It was alright, but I feel I can do it better.

In Monster Hunter World, you have 14 weapon types. Each has a unique play style, and each has its own strengths and shortcomings. However, no one is necessarily better than the other, as these each let you fulfill a particular role while hunting or push the hunt in a different direction.

As stated above, we won't necessarily discuss any meta details, or discuss which of any weapon or weapon type is better, but we'll take a look at some overall details. The best bet is to try each one out in the training area (speak to your housekeeper in your room or enter via the world map), and determine which one you have the most fun with. Another good way to try out a weapon is to use it against kulu-ya-ku, barroth, tobi-kadachi, and rathian to determine which is more fun to you. The reason for trying it against these four monsters is because it presents four different categories of monster (bird wyvern, brute wyvern, fanged wyvern, and flying wyvern in that order), and they aren't necessarily monsters that are too hard nor too easy. Don't use it against great jagras unless you are having trouble trying it on any of the others and need to figure out how to best handle the weapon.

Let's go through each of them now.

Sword and Shield
Starting us off is the sword and shield. This is one of my personal favourites because it's a jack of all trades but master of none weapon. Some would consider it the best support weapon as well. However, with the mobility you gain from this weapon, you can keep a high DPS too. Your shield strikes deal impact damage, and your sword strikes deal cutting damage. This means you can potentially get every carve or break from a monster.

-You can use any item with the weapon drawn. This includes your slinger, traps, potions, etc. This reason alone is what makes it a good support weapon. However, it's best used as a support only if you have Wide-Range and Mushroomancer as skills, and only if you've maxed them out.
-Impact and cutting damage. You can do both. Your shield does extremely good damage for the overall reputation as a newbie weapon.
-High mobility means good dodge capability and you won't find yourself slogging around a monster.
-It has a shield. This means you can block and make use of skills such as offensive guard. It also means you have two defensive options. Plus, you don't get a sidestep, you get the normal dodge roll.
-You can initiate jump attacks. This means monster mounting.

-It isn't top DPS. The sword combo deals less damage than the shield combo.
-The overall damage is lower.
-The shield is fairly middling in defensive capability.
-A lot of the roles the SnS can fill require investment into skills related to that role. Even being a DPS will require skills such as Weakness Exploit, Offensive Guard, and Attack Boost.

Dual Blades
Dual blades! High speed, high mobility! These are good weapons for any hunter. Despite being seen as spammy or having a low skill ceiling, there is a nuance to them. As you play around you'll find more you can do with the dual blades and find good combinations overall as you hone your style. In addition to this, demon mode and archdemon mode are both really cool.

-High damage over time. You can keep damage going almost indefinitely, especially when paired with the rocksteady mantle.
-Demon mode makes your attacks stronger.
-Best dodge capabilities in the game.

-Dual blades tend to have very low sharpness. Keeping sharpness topped is a must with any weapon to maximize damage (you gain bonus damage at blue or higher), but between the constant attacks and fast speed, you will lose sharpness levels fast and have to frequently pause to sharpen unless you have skills such as protective polish (three odogaron armor parts).
-Dual blades ALSO tend to have very low attack. This means you really need to keep on top of dealing damage to maximize DPS...
-... BUT, if you're too greedy, you'll get interrupted by monsters. This is especially bad when you're trying to fill the demon mode gauge or are in archdemon mode where your stamina is in constant depletion. Interruptions mean less damage over time. So it takes a level of understanding when to go in and when not to go in to effectively maximize damage.
-While the dodges are great and demon dodge especially so, it's your ONLY defense.

Long Sword
Long swords are more awesome than people really make them out to be. With the new meta in Iceborne, they've become an all-time favorite of many hunters. You get fluid combos, you get pretty good damage, and you have a lot of good options for how to proceed with a hunt. The long sword is also an amazing weapon for beginners because, like the DB, it has an easy-to-grasp set of controls, but has a level of understanding that can be attained to truly maximize its potential. It's arguably the simplest weapon to use overall.

-Very easy to grasp, the long sword is a fun weapon without being too difficult to understand.
-By filling the gauge with attacks, you can initiate a spirit slash to raise your power. Your weapon has three stages of power; white, yellow, and red. You want to be at red because you have the highest bonus damage.
-The fluid combos can be rolled out of after each hit. Fade slash is a good option in place of a dodge.
-The spirit combo does not (usually) bounce and has super armor.
-You can sacrifice a bar to deal the spirit helmsplitter which is very strong.
-The Iai Slash from the sheathed position lets you generate spirit over time, letting you go right into spirit slash combos at nearly any point.
-You can spirit slash in the air.
-Tail severs are a breeze.
-The reach is extremely good. A lot of the moves also are good for hard-to-reach parts.

-Rolling and fade slash are your only defenses.
-You do lose some mobility compared to other weapons.
-The LS, when used to maximize damage through lightning combos, suffers in sharpness like the DB. However, it DOES take longer to diminish comparatively speaking.
-Greedy hits will lead to combo breaks.
-You do need to maintain your aura levels, as they do drain over time.
-Because of its reach, the LS has a reputation for tripping other players in multiplayer. Be careful!

Great Sword
The great sword is the signature weapon of Monster Hunter. Everyone recognizes it as the big-fuck-off weapon of the series that everyone aspires to one day learn and master. It has the highest burst damage potential where the DB has the highest damage over time (at least, regarding melee weapons). It also has a bit of sword and shield in it; It has a few moves that deal impact damage and a block ability. However, there is a reason they call it the hit-and-run weapon...

-High burst damage. The highest in the game overall when regarding the true charge slash.
-The tackle, kick, and slap deal impact damage. Granted, not a lot, and you probably won't be breaking parts with it or getting stuns, but it can happen.
-The kick can trip monsters easily.
-Very easy to get tail severs and break parts with a true charge slash.
-Very good reach all things considered (though the LS wins in comparison).
-It can block.
-The attacks "feel" powerful.

-You are going to be looking for openings constantly for a TCS. Most times you'll have an opening, but by the time the TCS is ready, the monster has probably moved or made an attack on you, completely ruining your TCS.
-When the weapon is drawn, you will slog around. You need to keep it sheathed to get any good mobility.
-The roll and block are not as effective as other weapons. The block in particular is pretty much trash and lowers your sharpness.

Spin to win is the name of the game here. The hammer is a purely impact weapon with great mobility and great damage. Interestingly, the hammer has a base damage typically higher than that of the GS. However, due to lower damage multipliers, it is outclassed by the GS. Still, do not take this weapon lightly, it's one hell of a damage dealer that shows you don't need to be slow to deal high damage.

-High burst damage like the GS.
-Great impact damage. You'll be breaking horns more often than most weapons. Furthermore, you'll be getting monster stuns quite often.
-The mobility is exceptionally good.
-Sliding and running off walls while doing charge moves gives you what many call the "hedgehog spin" where you spin mid-air with the hammer and hit the enemy multiple times. not only is this a mounting move, but it deals excellent damage in quick succession.
-The attacks feel even more powerful than the GS.
-Because of how mobile and how powerful it is, the hammer is almost like the dual blades but stronger and an impact damage dealer. Players who liked DB should like this weapon too (in theory).

-You still have to sharpen it. Yes, even though hammers are typically blunt objects.
-The jump attack, despite being flashy and cool and doing great damage, can be interrupted.
-While charging you do drain stamina.
-No tail severs. You could be missing some rare carves due to this. Don't bring this to a xeno'jiiva hunt for this reason unless you have a player with a cutting weapon.
-Despite everything above, it isn't the best at dishing out combos. It has a set few combos, but chaining into another is usually done via roll or charge, so keeping a continuous flow of damage can be hard.

Hunting Horn
A support weapon with a twist, the hunting horn is for every bard out there. Play music while hunting! Buff your allies! But don't be fooled, it's still a strong weapon in its own right. It isn't even a horn in some cases. This hefty weapon will see you through even some of the tougher hunts.

-Comes with buffs. You can play music based on your button presses and get different buffs.
-Deals good impact damage. Not as much as the hammer, but it combos better than the hammer to a degree. So stun is still likely but is more fluid.
-All of your attacks, which contribute to your music score, are just that, attacks. Even the move to play the score is an attack.
-Combined with the same skills as a support SnS, you perform just as well with potentially more damage.
-Some horns do come with the effects of a screamer pod, making it a potentially viable weapon for fighting monsters like diablos.
-Shines best in multiplayer.

-Every hunting horn has different scores and different notes, meaning different effects. This means you have to carefully consider the HH you bring, as that will change the buffs you can use.
-Hunting horn, while strong, is hard to bring to solo hunts, especially when considering Iceborne where multiplayer is, effectively, a must.
-Not mobile, but not slow either. Its defenses come in the way of buffs such as earplugs or stun resistance. This means beyond those buffs, you have a roll.

A piercing weapon with a heavy shield! The lance is one of the best defensive weapons in the game next to its explosive cousin. It has decent mobility assuming correct usage, and is best used in multiplayer to bully monsters as other players deal heavy damage. However, do not consider it weak, as the lance comes with the added benefit of being able to charge. This charge is one of the best damaging moves in the game, comparable to the hedgehog spin.

-The shield provides the best defense in the game. Pair with two uragaan armor parts and guard level five and you can block almost all damage of even some instacart moves.
-You can block roars.
-Piercing damage. This means you contribute to any part that breaks normally from impact or cutting damage.
-The charge is one of the most mobile moves in the game while also being able to ignore deflection when executed right.
-The sidestep gives you careful maneuvering around a monster as you poke and prod it.
-Your guard counter and super guard are extremely useful tools for blocking damage.
-Offensive guard, when used with the above tactics, can only increase your damage.
-Evade extender really benefits this weapon.

-When used incorrectly (which most people do at some point or another), the lance is a slog to move around. Slower than the GS without the rolls to compensate this walk speed.
-Some of the higher damage combos are hard to execute.
-The controls of the lance take a lot of getting used to.
-It's hard to break parts or even sever tails with this weapon compared to others. In fact, it is entirely possible to go through an entire hunt without severing any tail, breaking any horn, or breaking any part for that matter.
-If you time guards incorrectly, damage can slip through.
-Solo play with a lance is slow, and hunts can go on for their entire duration.

Once upon a time, there was a genius at Capcom who decided to add explosions to the lance weapon. The gunlance is very similar to the lance, but with a lot of tweaks and adjustments. It loses many lance moves but gains a large number of new shelling moves and explosive powers.

-The shield provides the best defense in the game. Pair with two uragaan armor parts and guard level five and you can block almost all damage of even some instacart moves.
-You can block roars.
-Piercing damage. This means you contribute to any part that breaks normally from impact or cutting damage. If this and the above point sound familiar, it's because they are.
-Shelling attacks that have explosive properties. This means they can execute more damage from wyrmstakes.
-Wyvern Fire is one of the strongest moves in the game, much like the golf swing of hammer or TCS of GS.
-You can load slinger ammo into your wyrmstakes to implant explosives into enemies. Shell these to deal even more damage and even topple monsters.
-Heavier overall damage compared to the lance due to the explosives.

-When used incorrectly (which most people do at some point or another), the gunlance is a slog to move around. Slower than the GS without the rolls to compensate this walk speed.
-It's hard to break parts or even sever tails with this weapon compared to others. In fact, it is entirely possible to go through an entire hunt without severing any tail, breaking any horn, or breaking any part for that matter. HOWEVER, it is easier to cause for part breaks than a lance.
-If you time guards incorrectly, damage can slip through.
-Solo play with a gunlance is slow, and hunts can go on for their entire duration. Again, if these points sound familiar, they are.
-Shell attacks significantly lower sharpness.
-Wyvern Fire has a long buildup. Timed wrong, you take damage.
-Every gunlance has a different Wyvern Fire type which alters its overall damage.
-Missing the charge and many different attacks of the lance.

Switch Axe
An explosive weapon with phials that can switch between two modes, the switch axe is a powerful weapon for those who want similar power to a GS, but would like to experiment more with elemental or status effects or quick combos. This weapon is high in damage, and even has a good sense of mobility. Its combos are among some of the most flashy in the game as well, with high damage to boot. If you want to play in style, this is likely the weapon for you.

-Axe mode is strong and mobile. Sword mode is fast and fluid.
-Axe mode fills your phial to go into sword mode.
-Sword mode powers up as attacks land, eventually culminating in an explosive finisher.
-The best finisher literally makes you ride a monster while injecting explosions into the monster until a massive one discharges and you are blown off the monster. It is the coolest thing ever.
-Damage is great overall and easy to combo attacks.
-It's the easier of the technical weapons to learn.

-You have only a roll. No blocks.
-While flashy and cool, it's too easy to interrupt your combos. Don't get greedy.
-Unless you know how to execute this weapon's combos properly, you'll do only good damage, but not great damage.

Charge Blade
An amazing weapon that's very difficult to truly master the potential of. The charge blade has a higher skill ceiling than even the GS. However, when understood, it not only provides a cool looking weapon to the hunter, but also a powerful combination weapon with two modes like the switch axe. Like the SnS, SA, and Lance all in one to provide a powerful combination unlike any other.

-All modes of the CB are fluid and deal great damage.
-Has a shield, with middling effectiveness to some of the best defenses when charged.
-The weapon has cool transformations.
-The ultimate finisher deals a ton of damage.
-Charging the phials gives potential for stronger guards or stronger attacks. Maximizing the damage of the finisher relies on this.
-Flashy and cool.

-If you don't use up your charged phials, all of your attacks deflect.
-The only way to truly maximize the charge blade's damage is to learn the intricacies of the combos and figure out how to unload your phials properly in order to get the best potential damage over all. Micromanaging this weapon while fighting can be difficult, and in fact, this is what contributes solely to the high skill ceiling of the weapon. Otherwise, this weapon behaves similarly to the SA; Good damage when not maximized, but never really great damage. The combination is ludicrous at best.

Insect Glaive
An insect plus a weapon! The insect glaive is very similar to the longsword in its fluid movements, but also as a weapon that gets better as the hunt goes on and as you harmonize with your kinsect. The kinsect takes the buffs from attacking parts of a monster and gives them to you to maximize your damage with the glaive. Hence the name; Insect glaive.

-The glaive itself is fast and deals good damage overall.
-The combos are fluid and you can easily transition from one combo to another.
-The kinsect is helpful in its dust effects but also through the buffs it provides you.
-When you have all three buffs of power, speed, and defense, you become nigh unstoppable.
-The kinsect can also heal you.
-Does both cutting and impact damage, the effect is very similar to that of the SnS, so you can definitely get carves, severs, and stuns, but the stuns may be more difficult to perform compared to the hammer.
-You can launch into the air without having to combo or have a ledge. This means you could mount monsters more frequently than anyone else.

-You only have a roll.
-The main con of this weapon is that, instead of micromanaging phials like the CB, or getting your SA fully charged, you have to micromanage three buffs. You want to have all three buffs at all times. This can be difficult for beginners or those who have trouble aiming, especially with some of the quicker monsters such as odogaron.
-Furthermore, it's also about having the most effective kinsect. Kinsects come in many varieties. There are those with sever, those with impact. They also have different dusts, different speeds, and can even be given different elements. The good news is you're in control of this.

Yes, a bow in a game with basically guns. However, this weapon is still extremely powerful and versatile. The sword and shield of ranged weaponry if you will. The bow is a powerful ally in the hands of any hunter.

-This iteration of the bow is the easiest to use of all.
-Can deal impact damage capable of stunning (and surprisingly well at that).
-Arrows damage multiple times and can hit hard-to-reach parts.
-The charge levels of each attack can only deal more damage over time.
-The mobility of this weapon adds to the charge levels.
-Dragon piercer is powerful.
-Coatings change status effects or overall damage.

-The way you shoot will determine overall effectiveness of your coatings. If you're going for damage, you typically want to fire quick successive attacks and spread shots. If you're going for statuses, however, you not only want to aim for the head, but you also want to deal charge shots.
-Charging the bow drains a lot of stamina.
-Typically to maximize bow power you will need a lot of armor skills. This makes bow builds grindy to achieve.

Light Bowgun
The supposed support weapon of the ranged category, the light bowgun has good mobility and overall lower damage. However, it makes up for its shortcomings with wider selections of ammo.

-Good varieties of ammo across elements and statuses.
-Overall good mobility.
-More LBGs can use Recover Ammo 2 in addition to ammo for raising attack and defense.
-Typically the LBG has less reload time than the HBG.
-Wyvernblast is a good way to lay explosive traps on the ground, and new mods in Iceborne let you implant them in monsters.
-Slashing ammo can sever tails.

-LBGs almost entirely rely on elemental damage and statuses to keep a good DPS.
-Most LBGs come with high deviation and recoil.
-... AND low ammo capacity.
-On their own, Wyvernblasts are almost entirely useless.

Heavy Bowgun
Light bowguns are supports, and bows are general DPS, but the heavy bowgun? The heavy bowgun is all about power and explosions, similar in practice to the gunlance. HBGs are the main choice of ranged hunters who like to dish out heavy damage.

-HBGs tend to have good ammo choices that deal in explosions or raw damage.
-Cluster bombs are extremely powerful.
-Wyvern ammo lets you use Wyvern Fire, and is almost an entirely HBG exclusive.
-Slashing ammo can sever tails.
-The roll has surprisingly good distance despite what one may think.
-Wyvernheart is not only fun but an absolute beast at dealing damage.
-HBG tends to have high ammo capacity, low recoil, and low deviation.

-HBGs have a higher reload time overall.
-Wyvernsnipe isn't the best special ammo overall.
-Unless you mod your bowgun to have a shield, you only have the roll as a means of defense.

SBE'S Monster Hunter Items Guide
Spoiler: show
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to bring on a hunt. But, that's okay. Why? Because now with this guide, you should have no excuse for being unprepared for a hunt. Missing an item? Can't figure out what you need for an item? Well, no problem! We'll include how to get every single item on this list as well. We also recommend saving a loadout and setting up the radial menu in an optimal way to maximize your hunting potential.

You want to have at least these loadouts.
-Harvest Tour: This loadout is used for when you go gathering.
-General: This is what you bring as a bare minimum.
-Capture: This is essentially the general loadout but with the addition of traps and tranq bombs.
-Elder Dragon: This is what you bring for hunting elder dragons.

Other items may be situational or specific to some hunts. Those will be denoted in an "other" listing under the item.

Let's begin!

10 Potions
-Recipe: 1 Herb
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, Elder Dragon
-Other: Can be purchased.
Potions are a staple of every hunter. You want to bring these along in the harvest tour for when you grab honey so they automatically craft into mega potions. However, you also want to bring these to your elder dragon hunts because they will also auto craft into mega potions if you grab honey. If you don't have any honey to grab, you can bring honey ahead of time too in order to craft mega potions. This effectively increases your mega potion amount to 20. Don't drink them on their own. They heal 35 hit points over four seconds.

10 Mega Potions
-Recipe: 1 Potion + 1 Honey
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
The reason you do not drink your potions. These are your main healing item. They heal 70 hit points over four seconds.

2 Max Potions
-Recipe: 1 Mega Nutrient + 1 Mandragora
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
This is a must-have. Let's assume you've ran out of mega potions and for some reason went ahead and drank all of your potions in a scenario where you needed them to make mega potions. This will buy you a little time or save you when you inevitably mess up and nearly lose all of your hit points. Not only does this heal you entirely for all hit points, you also maximize your health bar.

1 Ancient Potion
-Recipe: 1 Immunizer + 1 Kelbi Horn OR 1 Nourishing Extract + 1 Kelbi Horn
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
This is a must-have. Let's assume you've ran out of max potions now or, heaven forbid, carted. This will restore ALL of your stamina, ALL of your health, maximize your health bar, AND maximize your stamina bar! The hard part in this is obtaining kelbi horns. Don't use the second formula, immunizers are far easier to obtain.

5 Mega Nutrients
-Recipe: 1 Nutrients + 1 Honey
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
If for any reason your meal didn't maximize your health bar or you ran out of ancient potions, this will increase your health cap by 20. If you carted, you will need to take three to maximize again.

5 Mega Demondrugs
-Recipe: 1 Demondrug + 1 Nourishing Extract
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
-Other: It is more viable to meld this item than to craft it.
This item is a must-have for high rank and master rank. Having one of these stacks with canteen and HH effects, and boosts your raw attack power by 7 until you cart or until the quest completes. Because it's only an additional 7 attack power, it's not as mandatory as mega armorskins.

5 Mega Armorskins
-Recipe: 1 Armorskin + 1 Nourishing Extract
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
-Other: It is more viable to meld this item than to craft it.
This item is a must-have for high rank and master rank. Having one of these stacks with canteen and HH effects, and boosts your defense by 25 until you cart or until the quest completes.

3 Flash Pods
-Recipe: 1 Flashbug
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
Everyone should always have flash pods. Flash pods will blind the monster temporarily, and with most flying wyverns, if they go airborne, this will knock them out of the air and they will land prone. Later on in master rank, the monster will gain flash resistance and you'll need to wait before using the flash pod again. Essentially required for kushala daora, but tempered kushala can only be flashed three times.

10 Dung Pods
-Recipe: 1 Dung or Rolled-Up Dung
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, General, Capture, Elder Dragon
Everyone should always have dung pods in addition to flash pods, even more so dung pods. Dung pods, when fired at a monster, will make that monster leave the zone you're in. However, in master rank, they may not necessarily do so. You can enhance the effectiveness with the dungmaster skill, however. Yes, there is a shit master skill. Don't judge. Either way, this is useful when you are in a harvest tour and a monster comes to invade.

1 Powercharm
-Obtain: Purchase from the Provisions NPC for 36000 Zenny. You can only do so by completing the quest "Horned Tyrant Below the Sands" quest (Low Rank Diablos).
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
-Other: Buy a second one when you use your first one to craft the talon variant.
One of the passive items of the game that applies through simply having it in your item pouch. Having this in your item pouch adds 6 raw attack power.

1 Powertalon
-Recipe: 1 Powercharm + 1 Bazelgeuse Talon
-Loadouts: General, Capture, Elder Dragon
An upgraded powercharm. This item adds 9 raw attack power. Combined, they both add 15 raw attack power.

1 Armorcharm
-Obtain: Purchase from the Provisions NPC for 24000 Zenny. You can only do so by completing the quest "Horned Tyrant Below the Sands" quest (Low Rank Diablos).
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, General, Capture, Elder Dragon
-Other: Buy a second one when you use your first one to craft the talon variant.
One of the passive items of the game that applies through simply having it in your item pouch. Having this in your item pouch adds 12 defense.

1 Armortalon
-Recipe: 1 Armorcharm + 1 Bazelgeuse Talon
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, General, Capture, Elder Dragon
An upgraded armorcharm. This item adds 18 defense. Combined, they both add 30 defense. The reason these two items are in the harvest tour loadout and not the power variants is because they add to defense, and typically during what I call "harvest tours" where we go gathering, you won't be hunting monsters but should still have a buffer of defense if you do get attacked.

10 Rations
-Obtain: Oven Roast via Canteen
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, General, Capture, Elder Dragon
I personally prefer to bring rations on all loadouts over well-done steaks. These are obtained via the bronze spaces on oven roasts more often than not. They increase your stamina cap by 25. They differ from well-done steaks in that they restore less and don't slow hunger (stamina cap decrease). However, they are quicker to consume than WDS. The downside is that you need a lot of monster parts to gain these in any meaningful way, in addition to resource points. Pick between WDS or this, but take both on Harvest Tours.

10 Well-Done Steaks
-Obtain: Oven Roast via Canteen OR Cook Raw Meat via BBQ Spit
-Loadouts: Harvest Tour, General, Capture, Elder Dragon
I personally prefer to bring rations on all loadouts over well-done steaks. These are obtained via the silver spaces on oven roasts more often than not. They increase your stamina cap by 50 and slow hunger (stamina cap decrease). A little-known fact is that they also cure bleeding. However, they are slower to consume than rations. Rather than oven-roast to obtain, cook them yourself. Slay an aptonoth or ten, then learn the BBQ minigame. The trick is to wait for the music to stop and for the meat to change colour just once as it does so. Pick between rations or this, but take both on Harvest Tours.

10 Nulberries
-Obtain: Botanical Research OR Gather
-Loadouts: Elder Dragon
-Other: Always bring nulberries any time you have a serious threat of being blighted or efflivial buildup (vaal hazak).
Basically a must for master rank, the nulberry will cure any blight AND effluvial buildup. Cultivate these as much as you can. They are so invaluable that people used to gather just these and sell them in bulk when they were pressed for zenny in the old MH games.

10 Energy Drinks
-Recipe: 1 Nitroshroom + 1 Honey
-Other: Bring for radobaan or uragaan hunts if you feel like you have a hard tiem avoiding their sleep clouds.
This item heals 25 stamina. That's not why we bring it to this particular hunt. We bring this with us if we can't avoid the sleep cloud or if we are particularly threatened by it. You MUST use it during the stage where you're drowsy, however.

10 Antidotes
-Recipe: 1 Antidote Herb
-Other: Bring for any monster that threatens you with poison and you do not or cannot handle said poison. (A must for such high rank and master rank hunts.)
This cures poison. Simple as that. ALWAYS bring this to high rank and master rank hunts where poison will be involved.

5 Herbal Remedies
-Recipe: 1 Antidote Herb + 1 Blue Mushroom
-Other: Bring for any monster that threatens you with poison and you do not or cannot handle said poison. (A must for such high rank and master rank hunts.)
This cures poison AND heals 20 health. Simple as that. ALWAYS bring this to high rank and master rank hunts where poison will be involved. Bring with antidotes, however.

5 Astera Jerky
-Obtain: Purchase from the Provisions NPC for 98 Zenny.
-Other: Bring for any monster that threatens you with bleed and you do not or cannot handle said bleed. (A must for such high rank and master rank hunts.)
This cures bleed, heals any portion of your HP bar that is recoverable (the red or yellow portion based on your skills) and gives you recovery speed up for 60 seconds. ALWAYS bring this to high rank and master rank hunts where bleed will be involved. Bring with well-done steaks if you don't feel particularly comfortable.

3 Screamer Pods
-Recipe: 1 Screamer Sac
-Other: Bring to Diablos and Black Diablos fights. You can also buy these off the Argosy.
Literally only two monsters are really affected by this item and only in one situation; Diablos and black diablos when they burrow. Using this will make them pop out of the ground. The problem is, these items are damn near impossible to obtain because you almost never fight the small monster that carries the screamer sac (noios). The noios is ONLY found in the wildspire waste, and is out of melee range 99.9% of the time because they're a flying wingdrake-like monster. We'll go over how to get the item easily later.

10 Honey
-Obtain: Botanical Research or Gather
-Loadouts: Elder Dragon
-Other: Very easy to cultivate in botanical research.
Why bring honey, you ask? Well, if you recall when we were talking about potions, carrying these will effectively increase your capacity of mega potions to 20. You should only need these for elder dragon hunts.

10 Flashbugs
-Obtain: Botanical Research or Gather
-Loadouts: Elder Dragon
-Other: Very easy to cultivate in botanical research. A must for your high rank kushala daora hunts but not for tempered unless you worry about misfiring.
Carrying flashbugs means having a total of 13 flash pods on hand.

5 Cool Drinks
-Recipe: 1 Chillshroom
-Other: Basically always bring this to the Elder's Recess. If you know you're not going into the lava zones, don't bother.
Keeps extreme heat from killing you. It used to be that you would need this for desert areas during the day, but MHW sort of... decided otherwise? My best guess is that they may have planned it, but they decided not to since there's a natural day/night cycle unlike previous titles where it was always day or always night during a hunt.

5 Hot Drinks
-Recipe: 1 Hot Pepper
-Other: Always bring to the Hoarfrost Reach.
Keeps the extreme cold from lowering your stamina cap. It used to be that you would need this for desert areas during the night, but MHW sort of... decided otherwise? My best guess is that they may have planned it, but they decided not to since there's a natural day/night cycle unlike previous titles where it was always day or always night during a hunt. I know for this one I say to always bring it and someone may argue otherwise since not all areas in the hoarfrost reach are extremely cold. However, I'd say it's better to just always bring them since virtually every hunt in the area will make you experience extreme cold anyways.

1 Shock Trap
-Recipe: 1 Trap Tool + 1 Thunderbug
-Loadouts: Capture
-Other: You can opt for both this and a pitfall trap or just one of the two.
Back in MH3U, the choice of trap mattered a lot, and this trap was basically your universal everything goes trap. This was especially so since underwater combat only allowed the use of shock traps. In world, this trap has a smaller area than pitfalls, deploys immediately, and keeps a monster in place for 7.5 seconds. If it has three-star weakness to paralysis, it lasts for 10. However, every subsequent trap used on a monster shortens this duration. After two tranquilizing agents (bombs, ammo, or knives) have been used on a monster, it can be captured by a trap for the next 45 seconds, with each additional extending the limit by 100 seconds.

1 Pitfall Trap
-Recipe: 1 Trap Tool + 1 Net
-Loadouts: Capture
-Other: You can opt for both this and a shock trap or just one of the two.
Back in MH3U, the choice of trap mattered a lot, and this trap was quite unpopular for many reasons. In world, this trap has a large area, and takes a few seconds to deploy. It keeps a monster in place for 10 seconds. If it is exhausted, it lasts for 15. Deviljho will ALWAYS be trapped by this for 15 seconds, however. As with shock traps, every subsequent trap used on a monster shortens this duration. After two tranquilizing agents (bombs, ammo, or knives) have been used on a monster, it can be captured by a trap for the next 45 seconds, with each additional extending the limit by 100 seconds.

8 Tranq Bombs
-Recipe: 1 Sleep Herb + 1 Parashroom
-Loadouts: Capture
-Other: You can ignore this if you for some reason have tranq knives or happen to have tranq ammo.
Tranq bombs are at their best in this game. It used to be that you had to hit the monster's head. Now you throw them down. You want to get the monster's body in the cloud overall. After two tranquilizing agents (bombs, ammo, or knives) have been used on a monster, it can be captured by a trap for the next 45 seconds, with each additional extending the limit by 100 seconds.

3 Lifepowders
-Recipe: 1 Godbug + 1 Blue Mushroom
-Other: Bring this if you want to be a great support. Can be melded too.
Lifepowders heal an area around you (including yourself) by 35 points. However, it's better to use mega potions with a maxed wide-range skill.

2 Dust of Life
-Recipe: 1 Godbug + 1 Gloamgrass Bud
-Other: Bring this if you want to be a great support. Can be obtained from steamworks as well.
These heal an area around you (including yourself) by 70 points. However, it's better to use mega potions with a maxed wide-range skill.

3 Demon Powder
-Recipe: 1 Godbug + 1 Might Seed
-Other: Bring this if you want to be a great support. Can be obtained from melding
For 180 seconds, you and everyone around you gain 10 raw attack power. It's not bad and does stack with your mega demondrug.

3 Hardshell Powder
-Recipe: 1 Godbug + 1 Adamant Seed
-Other: Bring this if you want to be a great support. Can be obtained from melding
For 180 seconds, you and everyone around you gain 20 defense. It's not bad and does stack with your mega armorskin.

5 Dash Juice
-Recipe: 1 Catalyst + 1 Dash Extract
-Other: Bring this for your egg or rock deliveries.
First, this fills up your stamina. Second, this raises your max stamina by 50. Lastly, this reduces your stamina depletion by 25% for four minutes. Combine with pro transporter and a ghillie mantle so every delivery becomes a breeze. Dash extract is hard to come by, however.

10 Immunizers
-Recipe: 1 Catalyst + 1 Mandragora
-Other: Bring this on a hunt if you feel like it.
This is a nice touch if you feel like bringing an item along that only helps. For five minutes, you gain natural recovery up. Meaning the red portion of your health restores faster. A nice little touch.

I mention this as a bonus item to bring along. Mushrooms are good to bring if you have mushroomancer as they'll serve as similar items. Combined with wide-range, you become a superb support character. You can cultivate mushrooms via botanical research and gather them in the world. Here's their stacks and uses.
-10 Blue Mushrooms: Potions, but they apply instantly.
-10 Toadstools: Immunizers, but also cures bleed.
-20 Nitroshrooms: Demondrug, increasing attack power by 5 until you cart.
-10 Parashrooms: Armorskin, increasing defense by 15 until you cart.
-10 Mandragora: Max Potion, but doesn't work with wide-range. This can effectively give you 12 max potions.
-10 Devil's Blight: Dash Juice AND Immunizer, but the stamina use reduction and regeneration is +50% rather than +25%.
-10 Exciteshroom: Applies one of the above.

Lastly, here's how to get a lot of the above materials for items, in order of appearance.
-Herb: Gather or Cultivate

-Kelbi Horn: Obtain from kelbi. You need to use the capture net or impact damage on their head to get the horn carve or a shiny drop. Carving master can give you two per kelbi.

-Nourishing Extract: You can get these from the Argosy, but you are otherwise limited to farming paolumu, odogaron, and dodogama.

-Nutrients: The weaker form of mega nutrients are crafted from 1 bitterbug + 1 blue mushroom.
--Bitterbug: Gather or cultivate.

-Demondrug: Adds 5 attack until you cart. This is made from 1 might seed + 1 catalyst.
--Might Seed: Gather or cultivate. Adds 10 attack for 180 seconds.
--Catalyst: 1 Bitterbug + 1 Honey or meld.

-Armorskin: Adds 15 defense until you cart. This is made from 1 adamant seed + 1 catalyst.
--Adamant Seed: Gather or cultivate. Adds 20 defense for 180 seconds.

-Dung: Literally... follow around a large monster with a ghillie mantle on. Every so often it'll take a dump. Sometimes hitting it by surprise will make it do so.

-Rolled-Up Dung: Dung beetles in the wildspire waste can be kicked and you can gain this. This actually makes more than regular dung.

-Bazelgeuse Talon: A carve or reward from bazelgeuse. Also comes in shinies.

-Raw Meat: Comes from herbivore carves. Aptonoth are the best bet. This can also be used on its own as a bait for large monsters (except diablos and black diablos, they're vegan). You can also use other items on raw meat to give it properties like poison or paralysis.

-Antidote Herb: Gather or cultivate.

-Screamer Sac: This annoying material is gathered from noios. As mentioned, this material is hard to obtain. It's only available in the wildspire waste. Here's how you do this. Take a flash pod, fire at the noios. They'll drop and now you can melee them. If you're a bowgunner or archer, it's no problem, but only use your normal ammo 1 or normal shots with no coating.

-Chillshroom: Gather or cultivate. Can only be found in elder's recess.

-Hot Pepper: Gather or cultivate. Can only be found in hoarfrost reach.

-Trap Tool: Purchase from the Provisions NPC for 200 zenny.

-Net: Craft via 1 ivy + 1 spider web.
--Ivy: Gather or cultivate.
--Spider Web: Gather or cultivate.

-Sleep Herb: Gather or cultivate.

-Godbug: Gather or cultivate.

-Gloamgrass Bud: Gather or cultivate. Can only be gathered in hoarfrost reach.

SBE'S Monster Hunter Tools Guide
Spoiler: show
Hunter tools are the new addition to world that really give the hunter an edge during their hunts.

However, it can be pretty hard choosing the right tool for the job, or you may not even know how to obtain tools.

First, let's define the two categories of tools.
-Mantles: These are worn on the hunter for a period of time and apply some effect.
-Boosters: These provide a cloud that applies an effect when a hunter enters it.

After completing the final quest of the main story against xeno'jiiva, you will be given a slot to bring along a second tool.

In Iceborne, the hunter will be given quests to upgrade their tools as they go along. This will give them decoration slots. The quest for that will be listed as well. Do note, mantle upgrades are AMAZING. They give you a lot more meta options even if I make them seem... not so useful. Still, these slots ONLY apply if the mantle is worn.

Apothecary Mantle
-Obtain Via: Research completely 10 different monsters and complete A Portent of Disaster
-Upgrade Via: A Tyrant's Banquet
-Recommended For: Any time you're going for status effects. This is good for bow and LBG users.
Pretty much only good for the above two ranged hunters. It increases status buildup on weapons that have it. The quest for it is slaying kushala daora. The upgrade quest is tough; MR21, max research of savage deviljho, and... Hunt a savage deviljho. By that point, what's the point? All for a lv3 and lv2 slot? Well, I can't even recommend any gems for this one. Maybe choose gems based on your favourite status to inflict.

Assassin's Hood Mantle
-Obtain Via: Delivery (Specialized Tool: Assassin's Hood)
-Upgrade Via: The Assassin
-Recommended For: Any hunt you feel you can use it in. It's generally a good mantle.
This is a special promotional mantle for Assassin's Creed: Origins. This will increase your affinity by 100% and multiply your damage after a critical in it by 1.5. If you do a mid-air attack while in stealth mode, it will make monster flinch. The delivery itself calls for 2 of Senu's Feather from the SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce event quest. This arena quest is a fight against odogaron and deviljho, then lunastra after defeating the former two. The upgrade is via a MR event quest. The Assassin! Just completing it will upgrade the mantle. However, it is MR 17 for a tempered Nargacuga. It gives a lv3 and lv2 slot. You can honestly do a lot with that. Maybe a tenderizer jewel for the lv2. But that's the only real suggestion I can give.

Bandit Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete Redefining the Power Couple
-Upgrade Via: A Nasty Flesh Wound
-Recommended For: Any time you're farming for zenny.
Now, this mantle I still have only some inkling of how it works, but it seems that more damage means more rewards. When you deal enough damage, there's a chance for golden shinies to drop. These are trade-in items worth upwards of thousands of zenny. By MR, you can get shinies worth 10k zenny, and a full party of bandit mantle wearers means more shinies and thus more gains. Redefining the Power Couple is a hunt for rathian and rathalos, low rank, unlocked after completing the assigned quests for low rank rathalos and diablos. A Nasty Flesh Wound is unlocked after completing other mantle upgrade quests (Red and Black Aces, Runnin', Rollin', and Weepin', and Festival of Explosions!) and is a hunt of a tempered MR odogaron. It adds a lv3 slot and a lv1 slot, but dedicate both to expert gems to increase affinity if you don't have a maxed critical eye skill yet.

Challenger Mantle
-Obtain Via: The Red and Blue Crew
-Upgrade Via: Runnin', Rollin', and Weepin'
-Recommended For: Any hunt where you want to be a tank.
This mantle will make monsters target you more and make them easier to lure. If you're attacked, the effect ends. The quest to obtain this mantle is for rathalos and azure rathalos. The upgrade quest is for tigrex and radobaan. This adds two lv3 decoration slots.

Dragonproof Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete The Food Chain Dominator
-Upgrade Via: Complete the delivery Technician's Temperament
-Recommended For: Any time you want to increase your dragon damage or ignore dragonblight.
It's an okay mantle. Only a few monsters use dragon element, but this is good for when you want to give your own dragon attack a boost or ignore dragonblight. It does reduce dragon damage as well. You get this from the Special Assignment for Deviljho. That's unlocked after completing the assigned pink rathian quest Old World Monster in the New World. The delivery is for MR teostra and kushala daora parts. One lv2 slot and one lv1 slot. You can go three ways realistically with this; Two dragon resist gems, two dragon attack gems, OR one of each.

Evasion Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete five different lv2 tempered hunts and complete New World Sky, New World Flower
-Upgrade Via: Proud White Knight
-Recommended For: Anyone who loved the adept style in generations or those who want a boost to their evasion.
This mantle will increase your evasive abilities. However, if you evade at just the right moment, you'll get an attack boost for a bit. The quest is for tempered HR pink rathian and azure rathalos. The upgrade is for tempered barioth. Two lv2 slots. You can go for either evade extender or evade window with those slots. Both are excellent additions to the mantle.

Fireproof Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete A Fiery Convergence
-Upgrade Via: Festival of Explosions!
-Recommended For: Any time you're hunting in elder's recess' lava zones, both teostra and lunastra, xeno'jiiva, and for when you don't want to deal with fireblight or blastblight.
Ironically a very good mantle. Prevents damage from hot environments, lowers fire damage, and prevents fire and blast blights. What a deal! A Fiery Convergence is just uragaan and lavasioth. That quest requires completion of Dodogama Drama (hunt Dodogama), and The Sleeping Sylvan Queen (hunt HR Rathian), the latter of which requires discovering or killing a HR rathian in an expedition. Festival of Explosions! is a lot more difficult, requiring the hunt of a MR uragaan and brachydios. Still, if you can complete it, two lv2 decoration slots are yours. Slot some fire resistang gems, and you're all set!

Ghillie Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete Sinister Shadows in the Swamp and talk to the NPC for Botanical Research
-Upgrade Via: Ice Catch!
-Recommended For: Harvest tours, gathering, dung collection, deliveries, literally the list goes on!
This mantle makes you completely concealed from monsters. Attacking or being attacked causes for the hiding effect to cancel. It should be noted, time in the mantle ONLY counts when you are moving. Sinister Shadows in the Swamp is an assigned quest for jyuratodus in low rank, and after beating it, speaking to the NPC for Botanical Research will give you this mantle and the next assigned quest. This makes it the first mantle you will obtain. Ice Catch! will have you capture a Beotodus, adding two lv3 decoration slots. Because of how it works, it isn't recommended to add stealth jewels.

Glider Mantle
-Obtain Via: Talk to the Third Fleet Master after completing the Coral Highlands expedition.
-Upgrade Via: Red and Black Aces
-Recommended For: Legiana hunts in the Coral Highlands and gathering in the Coral Highlands.
This mantle makes causes for you to glide when you go airborne and lets you ride air currents. This is a good tool when you are having trouble performing mounts. This is given to you by the Third Fleet Master after you complete the first Coral Highlands expedition (which gives you the second and only other camp in the area). The upgrade quest has you fight a MR rathalos and nargacuga. Ew. Not fun for two lv4 decoration slots, but bear in mind, that's lv4 slots, meaning more skill potential, so is it worth it? HELL YES. For this one, I'd recommend slotting jewels for increasing jump attacks and preventing knockbacks when airborne, but there's honestly so much you can do with it, it's an EXTREMELY meta tool.
I would like to take some extra time to explain just how meta this tool is now with Iceborne. See, IB introduced a special addition to the slinger, the clutch claw. This lets you latch onto monsters. HOWEVER, combined with the glider mantle, this is a DEADLY combination. What you do is slot some of your favourite affinity and/or attack increasing gems into the mantle (preferably an attack/expert gem in both slots or a combination gem for airborne and jump master). Then, use your clutch claw to latch onto a monster. Now, drop off it. You'll initiate a glide. Do an attack. If you're lucky, you'll mount, but even then, you'll otherwise deal a LOT of damage. You can rinse and repeat this too! With such a short cooldown you could say it's broken, but it's broken in the best way possible. Just remember to not be too greedy. With enraged monsters they may shake you off before you even get the chance to drop off manually, plus if you're not dealing consistent damage, it's not worth spamming. Still, very meta, and very useful.

Iceproof Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete the delivery Armory R&D: Weatherizing
-Upgrade Via: Duet of Rime
-Recommended For: Any time you're hunting in hoarfrost reach and REALLY hate that iceblight.
The best mantle for the Iceborne DLC. Literally get this ASAP. It reduces ice damage, negates iceblight, and increases mobility in deep snow. The parts for the delivery are HR paolumu. The upgrade quest is for MR legiana and its variant, shrieking legiana. Two lv2 slots? Ice resist gems.

Immunity Mantle
-Obtain Via: Research 15 different monsters and complete A Blaze on the Sand
-Upgrade Via: It's the Afterlife for Me
-Recommended For: Any hunt where multiple status ailments are likely such as ebony odogaron. Also good for the effects other mantles don't cover like defense down from acidic glavenus.
This mantle cure and nullify ALL negative status effects. A Blaze on the Sand is just Teostra in the wildspire. The unlock for the upgrade quest is like with the apothecary mantle; MR19, research lv4 on blackveil vaal hazak, then hunt it. A lv3 and lv2 slot... Lots you could do with that, think of some good skills to put on it!

Impact Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete five different lv1 tempered monster hunts and complete Showdown: The Muck and the Maul
-Upgrade Via: Hymn of Moon and Sun
-Recommended For: Any time you want impact damage added to your attacks?
An okay mantle. If you use a bowgun or bow, this works great, but melee weapons are okay with it? It's good for hammer and HH users as it augments their stun power. The unlock quest is easy enough; Tempered barroth and radobaan. Hymn of Sun and Moon requires being MR 125, however, and faces you against a gold rathian and silver rathalos. Ranged users will find this hunt easier, but it's doable. The upgrade gives a lv3 and lv2 slot. Two KO jewels and you're all set.

Rocksteady Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete five different tempered elder dragon hunts (deviljho included) and complete A Summons from Below.
-Upgrade Via: Piercing Black
-Recommended For: Deliveries and all people who like to keep high DPS without any form of worry relating to HP. In essence, good for tanks.
This mantle is cool. Basically max earplugs, max tremor resistance, max wind resistance, max flinch free, PLUS no reaction to damage. It states that it reduces damage, but it isn't specified how much. A Summons from Below is for tempered vaal hazak and tempered odogaron. Actually a challenging quest. The upgrade quest is for tempered black diablos... in MASTER RANK. All for two lv1 decoration slots. The only thing I can recommend are defense jewels so you have higher defense in it.

Temporal Mantle
-Obtain Via: No Remorse, No Surrender
-Upgrade Via: Divine Surge
-Recommended For: Literally your toughest of hunts.
This mantle is arguably the best. It nullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading. The questline goes as follows to obtain it; At HR16, talk to the huntsman for The Blazing Sun (hunt Teostra), then talk to him again, then go to the armory. You'll get Pandora's Arena. This quest seems like a Teostra quest, but turns into a 15-minute repulsion quest against Lunastra which can be extremely difficult for first-time runs. Best bet is to bring a maximally upgraded ice weapon and go with as many people as possible. When complete, complete No Remorse, No Surrender, which pits you against both Teostra and Lunastra. The upgrade quest is against a tempered MR namielle and kirin at MR150. For two lv1 slots, pick your favourite lv1 gems. I will mention, however, that some MR monsters can still get their hits in, so it is useful in HR, certainly, but be careful in MR.

Thunderproof Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete Gone in a Flash
-Upgrade Via: Trap the Thunder Jaw
-Recommended For: All kirin hunts, fulgur anjanath, and any thunder-heavy monster.
An all-around awesome mantle for thunder-heavy attackers. Nullifies thunderblight (which can be EXTREMELY annoying), reduces thunder damage (great since most good armor lower your thunder resistance), and nullifies paralysis. Gone in a Flash is the easiest elder dragon hunt and the only low rank elder dragon hunt in the game against a kirin. This quest requires completion of the four optional capture quests in low rank; Snatch The Snatcher (capture kulu-ya-ku), Landing the Landslide Wyvern (capture barroth), White Monster for a White Coat (capture paolumu), and Man's Best Fiend (capture odogaron). Trap the Thunder Jaw requires capturing a fulgur anjanath. Two lv2 slots for those thunder resist gems.

Vitality Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete Into the Bowels of the Vale and talk to the Field Team Leader.
-Upgrade Via: This Here's Big Horn Country!
-Recommended For: Almost every hunt is a good hunt for this mantle.
This basically gives you a second health bar. When it runs out, the mantle runs out. The quest to obtain is the assigned low rank odogaron quest. The upgrade is for hunting a tempered banbaro. You need to complete Ice Catch! for that quest, however. This adds one lv4 and one lv2 slot for this mantle. Vitality jewels are okay for this but I'd personally prefer to take something that augments attack power or defense. I would even go for the jewel for blight resistance. Two alone of the resistor jewel will reduce ALL elemental blight duration by 75%. If you have one more lv1 slot somewhere and a third jewel, you gain immunity to all elemental blights while wearing this mantle. Alternatively you can experiment with the jewel for stun resistance (steadfast) for similar results.

Waterproof Mantle
-Obtain Via: Complete the delivery Armory R&D: Waterproofing
-Upgrade Via: Put That Red Cup Away
-Recommended For: Any time you're going on a jyuratodus hunt. Maybe coral pukei.
The most specialized of mantles in reality. This negates waterblight, reduces mobility restrictions in muck, increases mobility in water, and lowers water damage. Literally only good for jyuratodus or if a hunt HAPPENS to go into zone 10 of the wildspire or its connecting areas. The delivery is for HR jyuratodus parts and the upgrade quest is for hunting coral pukei-pukei. That alone has two prerequisite quests of Feisty Girl Talk (MR Rathian and Pink Rathian) and Poison and Paralysis Pinch (Capture Viper Tobi-Kadachi). Feisty Girl Talk requires three quests as well; Fool's Mate (MR Rathian), A Queen at Heart (MR Rathian), and Pink Power Grab (MR Pink Rathian). All this to get two lv2 decoration slots. I don't know, throw water resist gems in the mantle?

Health Booster
-Obtain Via: One for the History Books
-Upgrade Via: Fiesty Girl Talk
-Recommended For: Any time you want to conserve on healing.
Arguably the most useful booster. This heals over time and at a decent rate. The quest is the assigned low rank quest against zorah magdaros (the first seige). The second one pits you against MR rathian and pink rathian. To unlock Fiesty Girl Talk, you need to complete Fool's Mate, A Queen At Heart, and Pink Power Grab. See directly above. The upgraded booster has a wider range and heals more effectively.

Cleanser Booster
-Obtain Via: On Nightmare's Wings
-Upgrade Via: Poison and Paralysis Pinch
-Recommended For: Um...
Arguably one of the worst tools. There's usually an item you can use instead of this, but it's good if you want to support...? All it does is cure every status effect, which SEEMS good... but then there's the immunity mantle. Further, the negative statuses are very situational. It's okay at most, and does have use in vaal hazak hunts, but not the best to bring. Either way the quest to get it is pretty easy; Slay five raphinos in the rotten vale. They're the flying small monster. The upgrade quest is for capturing a Viper Tobi-Kadachi. Upgrading increases the radius at least.

Affinity Booster
-Obtain Via: RRRRRumble in the Waste!
-Upgrade Via: The Storm Brings the Unexpected
-Recommended For: Zenny farming with the bandit mantle and any hunt where you feel like potentially cheesing a monster.
An amazing tool when used properly. The cloud boosts your affinity. The method for obtaining it is somewhat convoluted, but it also unlocks alcohols in your canteen. It starts with A Tingling Taste which pits you against HR great girros (either before or after this you have to talk to the Third Fleet Master). After, complete the delivery A Master's Toast (two thunder sacs, get them from HR tobi-kadachi). After this, complete Stuck in Their Ways (capture HR tobi-kadachi). Complete the delivery A Fire-Spewing Brew (two dodogama jaws) then complete A Sore Site (hunt HR odogaron). Finally, you'll get the quest RRRRRumble in the Waste! pitting you against HR diablos and black diablos. The upgrade quest is the hardest of all to obtain; MR175, hunt a tempered MR kushala daora and blackveil vall hazak. This adds 50% affinity to a max 100% and has a wider range.

SBE'S Monster Hunter Canteen Guide
Spoiler: show
One of the lesser-known matters that affect hunts is your food. Every hunter should, out of principle, eat before every hunt. This is a given. However, few tell you how to maximize your meals to get the best effects.

For now, we'll go over the canteen usage and how to maximize on the canteen. Later on, we'll add how to achieve each ingredient.

Paying for a Meal
The first choice is in the payment method. The more ingredients, the more it costs. It costs half as much resource points as it does zenny. A voucher (earned via arena quests) will guarantee you get food skills more often and pay for the meal. This also extends to other hunters. A gourmet voucher (earned rarely in Seliana via poogie, or by certain quests and the steamworks) will make every ingredient fresh and guarantee every food skill, while also applying to every other hunter. Save gourmet vouchers for only the toughest of hunts or when you absolutely need the health and stamina in addition to the skill (such as with pure alcohols).

Some events do discount the cost otherwise.

Health and Stamina
Starting out in MHW, you can pick two ingredients in the canteen for each meal, as you complete quests, you'll be able to use four and then six ingredients. This is imperative to how it affects your health and stamina when you perform a hunt.

Every ingredient used adds +10 to your stamina cap to a maximum +50. Every fresh ingredient marked by a green sparkle adds +10 max health, also to a maximum +50. By the time you reach six ingredients, you are guaranteed the +50 stamina.

Fresh ingredients, however, are completely random. The only way to guarantee them are via gourmet voucher. More fresh ingredients means more food skills are likely to be activated, but stat boosts to health, stamina, attack, defense, and/or element resistance are a guarantee.

This bonus, as well as stat bonuses and skill bonuses, lasts until you faint or complete the quest, with some exceptions.

Ingredient Categories
You have three categories of ingredients; Meat/poultry, fish/seafood, vegetables/fruits, and beverages/alcohols. For every two ingredients of one category you get a boost with the exception of beverages/alcohols, which instead bestow special skills.

Every two meats adds attack up.
Every two fish adds defense up.
Every two vegetables adds elemental resistance up.

The boosts come in small, medium, and large, and if you've followed our guide for items, there's no reason not to have an odd number of a particular category.

Skill Categories
Among every category of ingredients, with the exception of alcohols, there are five skill categories. Every two of a skill category bestows a stronger skill of that category. This goes across all three ingredient categories of meat, fish, and vegetables, so you can do two from the top row of all three to get the Felyne Slugger skill for instance, or all in the top row of meat to get the skill.

We'll go over each now, starting from the top row.

Top Row (Courage): Overall good for melee. Bestows Felyne Polisher, Rider, or Slugger. Polisher only benefits if you use a melee weapon. Rider is all-around great but exceptional for IG users. Slugger is only good if you have impact damage.
Second Row (Resilience): Overall an okay category. Bestows Felyne Acrobat, Feet, or Moxie. Acrobat is a decent skill. Feet is amazing for anyone. Moxie is good if you know you're bound to cart, but otherwise is near useless, especially with a maxed vigorwasp spray.
Middle Row (Vigor): Overall an okay skill set. Bestows Felyne Riser (Hi), Black Belt, or Heroics. Riser (Hi) will extend your invulnerability when getting up and is really nice for only two ingredients from this row. Black Belt lowers stamina use for blocks and evades which is perfect for tanky players. Heroics is mixed like moxie above, increasing attack when your HP is "dangerously" low, and probably not worth it.
Fourth Row (Acumen): An amazing skill set. Bestows Felyne Groomer, Medic, or Specialist. Groomer is one of the best skills, halving defense down's duration and speeding up blight recovery. Medic is awesome since it increases your health recovery from items. Specialist on the other hand boosts your potency of abnormal ailments, so is only really good if going for said damage types.
Last Row (Artillery): A good set of skills for bombers, gunners, or players who like explosives. Bestows Felyne Sharpshooter, Bombardier, or Pyro. Sharpshooter increases the power of normal shots and arrows so is a godsend to most gunners. Bombardier increases ballista, sticky ammo, and gunlance shell damage, so is good in seiges or for GL and HBG users. Pyro upgrades large barrel bombs to mega barrel bombs, and is perfect for sleep-bomb hunts.

Beyond this, the beverages have four rows of their own.

Top Row (Perception): A nice set of skills. Bestows Felyne Iron Carver, Exchanger, or Carver (Hi). Iron carver keeps you from being knocked back while carving and is okay. Exchanger increases research points at the end of a quest, a good skill for farming them, especially in MR. Carver (Hi) is okay, it sometimes increases the number of carves you can do, but it's somewhat rare.
Second Row (Fortune): A great skill set if only for its last skill. Bestows Felyne Harvester, Fat Cat, or Lucky Cat. Harvester reduces the gathering point respawn time (decent for harvest tours). Fat cat increases zenny earnings at the end of quests, so it's good for farming money. Lucky cat is the best skill, however, as it increases your quest rewards (though, only sometimes).
Third Row (Preparation): New to iceborne, it's not too bad. Bestows Felyne Cleats, Tailor, or Safeguard. Cleats lets you move normally in difficult terrain, so not bad. Tailor shortens tool cooldown time, so is pretty nice if you CAN get it. Safeguard will prevent penalty to the group the first time a party member faints, and a godsend for if you're helping weaker MR hunters out.
Last Row (Trailblazer): Good for finding the rare pets. Bestows Felyne Gardener, Scavenger, or Zoomaster. Gardener shortens time before certain endemic life reappears, so is cool overall if you collect animals. Scavenger causes some endemic life to drop slinger ammo which is neat but not overly important. Zoomaster is the best as it makes rare endemic life more likely to appear, and perfect for finding those rare pets.

Daily Skills
If you don't have a match of ingredients that allow the above skills, daily skills will fill the empty slots. They change after every hunt/expedition.

Cool Cat: The only daily skill to not begin with "felyne." If you use the sit gesture, it'll increase your attack for a bit. Neat.
Felynebacker: Prevents being knocked back when transporting an item. Good for deliveries and only deliveries.
Felyne Biologist: Makes rare endemic life more likely to appear. Actually not bad for those rare pet hunts.
Felyne Booster: You get a boost to attack and defense for a bit at the start of a quest. Not really noteworthy.
Felyne Bulldozer: Increases attack power right after a deflected attack. This skill isn't as good as it sounds, since attacks right after a deflected attack are likely to be deflected anyways. As with Felyne Deflector, as you reach higher sharpness levels, likelihood of deflection tends to go down. Lastly, if you're hitting a hard part, you will typically see lower numbers anyways, so this skill isn't the best.
Felyne Cliffhanger: Decreases stamina depletion when evading on walls or ivy. This is okay for those delivery quests.
Felyne Defender (Lo): Sometimes decreases damage taken. It's alright.
Felyne Defender (Hi): Often decreases damage taken. It's also alright.
Felyne Deflector: Lowers sharpness loss when an attack deflects. Not the best skill overall once you start getting higher sharpness ratings.
Felyne Dungmaster: Makes your dung pods actually decent. Very useful in MR.
Felyne Escape Artist: Decreases stamina use when fleeing large monsters. So... This is good for deliveries and when your ghillie mantle is out. But note this is ONLY when you are directly facing away from large monsters.
Felyne Fisher: Increases the likelihood of fish biting when you go fishing. This skill is great if you're seeking rare fish.
Felyne Foodie: This keeps your food skills from disappearing after you faint. An awesome skill.
Felyne Fur Coating: Prevents/lessens blight and environmental damage. Decent but nothing to talk home about.
Felyne Gripper: You can't be knocked off walls or ivy. Nice... Except it's only for SOME attacks.
Felyne Insurance: Prevents penalization the first time a party member faints. It should be noted, this DOES provide one extra cart and keeps the reward from dropping. HOWEVER, the party member DOES lose any food buffs unless they have something that prevents that.
Felyne Lander: Makes it so you don't crash when you jump down from a high place. A great skill for deliveries, but most deliveries don't have you jumping from high places in MHW provided you've unlocked all camps.
Felyne Microzoologist: Makes small-sized endemic life more likely. Good if searching for small crowns.
Felyne Macrozoologist: Makes small-sized endemic life more likely. Good if searching for large crowns.
Felyne Parting Gift: Restores ally health when you die. Death is still inexcusable in party play, but this at least gives everyone a little health.
Felyne Provoker: Increases the likelihood of being attacked and drawing attention. Good for tanks, but nothing much else.
Felyne Researcher: This increases the likelihood of unlocking investigations. This skill is awesome in the end-game and if you're farming materials.
Felyne Sprinter: Decreases stamina depletion when running while transporting. Arguably one of the best delivery skills overall. Pair with a dash juice.
Felyne Temper: This is a neat skill. It increases bowgun damage but also increases deviation. There's room to consider options with this skill for bowgun users.
Felyne Trainer: This is an alright skill. It speeds up palico growth. So your cat is going to get more experience. Thing is, max level of a palico is 50. Something you will very likely reach very quickly anyways with or without this skill.
Felyne Weakener: This skill may make large monsters weaker. In the generations since starting my hunting journey, I have noted the effect to be very minimal.
Felyne Weathercat: Makes it likely for there to be a storm during your quest. This is good for if you need foul weather for a specific endemic creature to appear.

Default Meals
The default meals you TYPICALLY want to avoid, but sometimes they're good for a quick present.

Chef's Choice: This will ALWAYS give you the freshest ingredients available at the time. Do this on harvest tours when you won't be fighting anything. Otherwise AVOID.
Meat Platter: Gives you the freshest meat ingredients and guarantees the attack up (L). This is a signature go-to for most hunts. What it will do as well is try and pair up skills related to those fresh meat ingredients. It should be noted as well that this and subsequent platters, if unable to fill any slots up with their respective row or category due to missing ingredients will opt for fresh ingredients, typically starting with meat.
Fish Platter: As with the meat platter, it gives the freshest fish ingredients, guaranteeing defense up (L). Behaves the same otherwise as meat platter, but with fish. Good for tough hunts.
Veggie Platter: And as above, the veggie platter does the same as meat and fish but for vegetable ingredients, guaranteeing element resist up (L). Good for element-heavy hunts like Kirin or Teostra but otherwise avoid this.
Hunter's Platter: Gives you all of the top row among the meat/fish/veggies depending on which of the three has the freshest ingredients. "Guarantees" Felyne Slugger. This and the subsequent ones are not worth it unless you have at least four fresh ingredients.
Healthy Platter: As with the above, gives all of the second row for Felyne Moxie.
Challenger's Platter: As with the above, gives all of the third row for Felyne Heroics.
Comfort Platter: As with the above, gives all of the fourth row for Felyne Specialist.
Gunner's Platter: As with the above, gives all of the fifth row for Felyne Pyro.
Brew-Lover's Platter: This gives all of the perception row in alcohols in attempt to give Felyne Carver (Hi). However, as before, only do this if you have four or more fresh alcohols.
Lucky Liquor Platter: This gives all of the fortune row in alcohols to try for Felyne Lucky Cat. See above. Good for those hunts where you really want materials.
Open Road Platter: This gives all of the preparation row in alcohols to try for Felyne Safeguard. See above. If you can get this skill in a party, then it's nice.
Curious Quencher Platter: This gives all of the trailblazer row in alcohols to try for Felyne Zoomaster. See above. If going out for those rare pets, this is okay.
Unpredictable Platter: Gives you daily skills with the freshest ingredients possible. This means you could land "unpredictable" stat boosts beyond health and stamina.

Ingredient Unlocking
Last part! Let's unlock those canteen ingredients!

Many ingredients require that you gather those account items that only reward resource points. My advice? Get a Geologist Charm III and prepare for a harvest tour in every area, high or master rank. The geologist charm will make it so every one of these gather points can be used four times rather than three, and that's one more chance to get what you need.

Furthermore, Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi and Tickled Pink are the main ways you'll unlock most of your ingredients, as both are assigned quests. It should also be noted many of the deliveries appear seemingly out of nowhere and the actual trigger for some deliveries are unknown but guessed at best. This is because some deliveries are given by NPCs at the research base, which few people visit.

Wyvern Thigh: Starter ingredient.
Wyvern Skirt Steak: Starter ingredient.
Wyvern Egg: Complete Gettin' Yolked in the Forest. A delivery quest. Unlock Camp 17 beforehand, bring your ghillie mantle, and have pro transporter. The egg is in area 16.
Wyvern Tail: Complete Research Help: Woodland Pteryx Capture. An expedition will sometimes show an NPC in the area. Captures will involve the endemic life researcher. In this case, it's a woodland Pteryx. They're small green bird-lizards, and there should be some in area 5 where the NPC is located.
Wyvern Head: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Wyvern Filet: Gather a Twilight Stone. This is found in only ONE area of the Elder's Recess and you must have completed the Gajalaka quest AND the area must have an amber deposit upsurge. Where you would normally go to unlock the last camp in area 16, don't run through the waterway. Walk through to the amber deposit. It should be on your left towards the final jump.

Tough Meat: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Thorny Meat: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Bullion Meat: Complete Exterminator of the Waste. A vespoid hunt. The flying insects. Start at camp one and follow the map to area nine.
Steeled Meat: Complete Chef Quest! A Rotten Request. Slay 10 girros. The black lizards that have paralysis on their attacks.
Wild Chicken: Gather a Dragonvein Amber (Elder's Recess, Amber Deposit)
Marinated Carpaccio: Complete The Meat of the Matter. A delivery quest. As before, bring the ghillie mantle and have pro transporter. The lumps of meat are behind the vines in area 13. The stretch of land is a little longer than with the Wyvern Egg, so take a break between the lumps of meat for the mantle to recover.

Aptonoth Meat: Complete Tickled Pink.
Apceroast: Complete Tickled Pink.
Diced Steak: Complete the delivery A Great Help. This triggers really early in the game. Most people just have it already completed. Either way, one mega potion.
Giant Sirloin: Complete Research Help: Scavantula Capture. Scavantula are in the Rotten Vale, usually around bonepiles. They're purple spiders.
Big Bite Burger: Gather a Wicked Fossil. While the vale has an ancient fossil upsurge, proceed from the area one camp to the right. There's a downward slope that normally leads to a jump. Do not jump off, but turn around. You'll find the wicked fossil.
Giga Steak: Gather an Ancient Amber (Elder's Recess, Amber Deposit)

White Liver: Starter ingredient.
Barbecued Short Rib: Starter ingredient.
Tangy Tripe: Complete Chef Quest! Pumped to Deliver. It's a quest for four forgotten fossils. Not a transport delivery so just go to the vale and do it.
Hot Heart: Deliver a Platinum Pearl. This is a bit tougher to get since it's in an area most normally don't visit in the highlands. First, the area must have a pearl oyster upsurge. Start at camp 12. Now, go to the large wind current that normally leads to the legiana nest. Along a vine wall, there is a cave entrance. Take this entrance and proceed to area 14. You should be in a cave with a central pillar covered in vines. On one of the cliffs are two devil's blights and the platinum pearl gather. Align and jump from the vines to it.
Rich Rump: Complete the delivery The Juicy Meat Resistance. It triggers after the Nergigante hunt and is for one Uragaan Scute.
Grand Foie Gras: Gather a True Beryl (Elder's Recess, Beryl Deposit)

Peon Turkey: Complete Research Help: Carrier Ant Capture. This has you capture nine carrier ants. Pretty common, found in the wildspire.
Great Mutton: Complete the delivery The Bone-In Roast Resistance. Sometime after hunting or discovering HR Radobaan, this triggers as a delivery for one Radobaan Carapace.
Herbivore Egg: Complete Gettin' Yolked in the Waste. This is an easy transport so long as you have your ghillie mantle and pro transporter, not much harder than those above. Camp one to start, head down towards area four. There's a nest under some rocks with the eggs.
King Turkey: Complete It's a Crying Shamos. Slay 11 shamos, the pink and grey lizards with big eyes. Very easy.
Magma Mutton: Complete Research Help: Bomb Beetle Capture. Bomb beetles are similar to dung beetles and the rime beetles in IB. They are somewhat uncommon.
Kaiser Turkey: Gather an Abyssal Beryl (Elder's Recess, Beryl Deposit)

Ridgemane Tuna: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Serpentine Salmon: Complete Tickled Pink.
Courageous Eel: Complete Research Help: Pink Parexus Capture. All that involve fishing do not involve the endemic life researcher, but instead the piscine researcher. The piscine researcher's fish can be captured with a capture net or fished up. It is generally wiser to fish them up. That said, pink parexus are fairly common.
Sushifish: Complete Research Help: Sushifish Capture. Like above, the sushifish is fairly common. In fact, its scales can be used as potions in a pinch.
Ancient Seabream: Complete the delivery Ancient But Fresh! After killing an HR Gajau (yes, the fish monsters in the wildspire), you'll get this delivery request for a Grand Gajau Whisker.
Boorish Yellowtail: Complete Chef Quest! Gajalaka Lockdown. Defeat 10 gajalaka in the recess.

Jumbo Whelk: Starter ingredient.
Scallop Chips: Starter ingredient.
Choice Abalone: Gather a Choice Abalone (Coral Highlands, Conch Shell)
Violet Abalone: Gather a Violet Abalone. This requires a conch shell upsurge. Start at camp one in the coral highlands. Go to the clifflike walkways near the paolumu nest in area nine. You want to look for the nook you can crawl under, leading you more northeast on the map. Stick to the right and you'll find this unique gather point.
Precious Abalone: Gather a Precious Abalone (Coral Highlands, Conch Shell, HIGH RANK)
Large-Horned Turban: Gather a Mystical Fossil (Rotten Vale, Ancient Fossil, HIGH RANK)

Squad Sardine: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Samurai Tuna: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Gajau Gill: Complete the delivery A Feast of Fish. This delivery triggers after killing a LR Gajau, requesting one Gajau Skin.
Gajau Liver: Complete The Pain from Gains. Slay seven Gajau. Low rank. VERY EASY (especially with aquatic/polar mobility).
Shogun Tuna: Complete Research Help: Goldenfish Capture. Goldenfish are a bit more rare, but not so rare you won't find them outright. Baitbug if you need help getting them, but again, they should be easy enough to find and fish. An easy early find for them is in area 14 of the highlands. Otherwise areas 9, 10, and 15 of the vale are good spots.
Fiery Seabream: Gather a Noahstone. This is an easier rare to find. Requires a beryl deposit upsurge in the Elder's Recess. Start at camp one and slide down from area two into area eight (where all the big crystals and the crystalbursts are). There's an opening to the magma caverns to the left of the Gajalaka gathering. Jump down. Turn around. There's your Noahstone!

Bent-Backed Shrimp: Complete Tickled Pink.
Armor Crab: Complete Tickled Pink.
Coral Shrimp: Complete the delivery Princely Prawns. This is triggered by a LR Shamos kill and is for one Shamos Hide.
Fortress Crab: Gather a Deep Pearl (Coral Highlands, Pearl Oyster)
Queen Shrimp: Gather an Innocent Pearl (Coral Highlands, Pearl Oyster, HIGH RANK)
Millenary Crab: Complete the delivery A Thousand-Year-Old Crab!? This is triggered by a HR Barnos kill. Deliver one Barnos Talon.

Osseoctopus: Complete Tickled Pink.
Pink Caviar: Complete Tickled Pink.
Lily Squid: Complete Research Help: Wiggler Capture. Wigglers are unique to the highlands and almost always disappear the second you get close. However, you can capture them. It may be a bit of a pain, but patience and a ghillie mantle go a long way.
Ballerina Octopus: Complete Research Help: Gunpowderfish Capture. Gunpowderfish can easily be captured in camp eight of the recess, but they can also be found earlier in areas six and seven of the highlands.
Soulful Caviar: Complete What a Bunch of Abalone. Easy delivery quest. Just go to the conch shells and gather until you've got 10 super abalone.

Magnicelery: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Rapscallion: Complete Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi.
Jewel Cactus: Gather a Jewel Cactus (Wildspire Waste, Round Cactus)
Dragonbloom: Gather a Dragonbloom. This is a wildspire gather during a cacti flourish. Start at camp one. You're going mountain climbing. Take the path leading all the way up the big rock spire. All the way up to the top of area five. Collect your dragonbloom.
Kingly Cactus: Gather a Kingly Cactus (Wildspire Waste, Round Cactus, HIGH RANK)
Fatty Tomato: Complete the delivery Tomatoes Red as Magma. Should unlock after unlocking the Elder's Recess. It requires a lava nugget from uragaan. Topple it and then mine its back.

Stonecorn: Complete Tickled Pink.
Steadfast Spud: Complete Tickled Pink.
Exquisite Shroomcap: Gather an Exquisite Shroomcap (Ancient Forest, Unique Mushroom Colony)
Moonlit Mushroom: Gather a Moonlit Mushroom. Requires flourishing mushrooms OR the quest Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest. Start at camp 11. Go into the brush. Where most people would normally swing on the vine, don't. Drop down. Go deep into the brush and into the watery area where you can normally swim under and just to the right is the mushroom colony you seek.
Spirit Shroomcap: Gather a Spirit Shroomcap (Ancient Forest, Unique Mushroom Colony, HIGH RANK)
Soiled Shroomcap: Complete Fungal Flexin' in the Ancient Forest. Follow the guide for the Moonlit Mushroom at the same time to unlock both of these ingredients. The delivery is for 20 gourmet shroomcaps, so look for all the mushroom spawn points after getting your Moonlit Mushroom.

Plumpkin: Starter ingredient.
Cudgel Onion: Starter ingredient.
Shinebloom: Gather a Shinebloom (Ancient Forest, Flowerbed)
Sunkissed Grass: Gather a Sunkissed Herb. First, unlock camp 17. Start there when you have flourishing flower beds. Go west and jump to the first vine. Drop down. You're almost there. Go northwest and keep right. There's a little gap with a vine. Use it and you'll be at the sunkissed herb in a nest.
Goldbloom: Gather a Goldbloom (Ancient Forest, Flowerbed, HIGH RANK)
King Truffle: Complete the delivery Mushrooms: Nature's Smelly Bounty. Requires a Mosswine Hide and is triggered by killing one HR Mosswine (the pigs with moss on their back).

Aromaticelery: Complete the delivery A Veggie Master of Disguise. Requires a Hornetaur Carapace, triggered by hunting one HR Hornetaur (the dark green insects in the vale).
Prismatic Paprika: Complete the delivery Phantasmagoric Paprika! Unlocks after the HR Pukei-Pukei hunt, and requires one Pukei-Pukei Sac+.
Tainted Fruit: Gather a Tainted Fruit (Rotten Vale, Crimson Fruit)
Heavenberry: Gather a Heavenberry. Wait for a crimson fruit upsurge in the vale. Start in camp 11. Go to area 10. There's a nook where you can crawl under to go to area 15 and a set of vines. Take the vines. You'll find the berry next to some herbs.
Elysian Fruit: Gather an Elysian Fruit (Rotten Vale, Crimson Fruit, HIGH RANK)
Millionfold Cabbage: Complete the delivery Million Zenny Veggie. Hunt a HR Girros and deliver one Girros Fang.

Kut-Ku Bean: Complete Tickled Pink.
Molten Mango: Complete Tickled Pink.
Rockfruit: Gather a Rockfruit (Wildspire Waste, Tough-Skinned Fruit)
Divineapple: Gather a Divineapple. Wait for fruits to flourish in the wildspire. It is recommended to have camp 15. If not, go to the north end of 8 for the hole to drop down to a bunch of bones. Proceed through the passage to the protector grimalkyne camp. By this point, those with the camp in area 15 can join. Simply climb up and enter the protector camp and turn around to the left.
Wildfruit: Gather a Wildfruit (Wildspire Waste, Tough-Skinned Fruit, HIGH RANK)
Emerald Durian: Gather a Legendary Fossil (Rotten Vale, Ancient Fossil)

The alcohols are much harder to obtain. You won't get these until HR, and the last two rows don't appear until MR. Some involve finding some of the rarest pets in the game as well. However, the first two rows are unlocked as a part of trying to get one of the specialized tools (the affinity booster), so if you're on that questline, chances are you'll unlock many of these. All monsters are HR unless otherwise specified here.

Tater Mud: Complete Tickled Pink.
Dragon Ale: Complete Tickled Pink.
Demontater Brew: Complete A Tingling Taste. Great Girros.
Wyvern Amber Ale: Complete Stuck in Their Ways. Tobi-Kadachi capture.
Goldenfish Brew: Complete A Sore Site. Odogaron.
Dragonkiller Sake: Research Help: Phantom Bird. The target for this is the downy crake. It's a small, kiwi-esque bird that rides the backs of herbivores. Here's how I managed to get it. You want to be in the wildspire with your ghillie mantle. Capture net ready. You want to proceed from camp one down to area four. When you reach the water, wait for nightfall, crouched, facing away from the herbivorous apceros. Wait. When you hear chirping, put on your mantle and CAREFULLY approach. Capture. I recommend seeing how others did it as well.

Hunter's Brew: Complete Tickled Pink.
Star Brandy: Complete Tickled Pink.
Master Ale: Complete the delivery A Master's Toast. You need the Demontater Brew FIRST before this delivery unlocks. Two thunder sacs though, so Tobi-Kadachi.
Ratha Whiskey: Complete the delivery A Fire-Spewing Brew. You need the Wyvern Amber Ale FIRST before this delivery unlocks. Two Dodogama Jaw.
Astera Beer: Complete RRRRRumble in the Waste! Diablos and Black Diablos Hunt. Good luck! Oh, and you need the Goldenfish Brew first before this quest unlocks.
Blessed Wine: Complete Research Help: Capture the Ancient. The game wants you to fish up a Petricanth. This is a rare fish, but here's what you do. Bring your baitbugs and go to area 15 of the rotten vale, to the left of the plunderer camp. It will sometimes rarely spawn there. If it isn't there (a black fish with light blue patterns), fish up all the fish and wait for a refresh, or go to camp 8 of the elder's recess and to the left and repeat the same steps. Alternate between this until it spawns. ALWAYS use the baitbug when trying to fish it up but NEVER wiggle the bait. You do need to play the fishing minigame to catch it.

From here it's all MR.

Greathorn's Gulp: Complete Trapping the Tree Trasher. Capture quest for Banbaro.
Auspicious Ale: Complete Trapping the Tree Trasher. Capture quest for Banbaro.
Butterbrew: Gather an Exquisite Butterbur (Hoarfrost Reach, Butterbur Patch)
Fortified Honeywine: Gather a Millennium Butterbur (Hoarfrost Reach, Butterbur Patch)
Entrancing Alembic: Gather a Snow White. You need to wait for butterburs to be flourishing and have your glider mantle. Make your way from camp five to the shrieking legiana nest in area 13. You need to use the wedge beetles to proceed into the cave and to the left to get near the cliff. Keep doing this to head up and out to where boa boa gather above. Put on the mantle now. Go past where the boa boa gather and down past the mining outcrop while facing the camera upwards to find the last wedge beetle. Use it to bring you up to the final ledge where you must use the glider mantle on the steam to propel yourself upwards. Climb one last ledge and you will find the Snow White to the right, tucked just out of view.
Tequila de Locos: Complete the delivery Lively Spirits. It's unlocked by Nighty Night Nightshade. The twisted stouthorns come from MR diablos.

Glacial Vodka: Complete Nighty Night Nightshade. Capture quest for Nightshade Paolumu.
Toasting Tequila: Complete Nighty Night Nightshade. Capture quest for Nightshade Paolumu.
Snowmelt Snifter: Gather a Moonlight Icebloom (Hoarfrost Reach, Frozen Foliage)
Frostpeak Fizz: Gather a Snowpeak Icebloom (Hoarfrost Reach, Frozen Foliage)
Crystal Quaff: Gather a Petalcryst. Easier than the snow white. Wait for a frozen foliage flourish. Start at camp five. Drop down to the open area below. Start heading to the southeast from area five going a little into area two, but hug the left wall. There should be a crawl space where you are taken down to where the piscine researcher is. Go up the ice slope and tucked away will be your petalcryst.
Searing Spirit: Complete Simmer and Slice! A quest for glavenus and rathian. The catch is, you need all the other MR ingredient quests completed INCLUDING the delivery Lively Spirits.

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