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 Fucked up story number 2. 
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Post Fucked up story number 2.
This is actually an old one, but it's still pretty damn great. Since I missed coming on last night, I thought I'd post it in the morning while you're all having breakfast (wait, how many of you live in Europe again? Eh, whatever).

Innocence Destroyed.

It was a Thursday night and the two girls sat in the bedroom watching
television and talking about their day at school and what they were going
to do after school tomorrow and over the weekend. From nowhere Claire
mentioned to her friend Emily that she'd heard about a big party that was
supposed to be starting tomorrow evening and was due to run over the
weekend, and that it was being held in one of the old farm fields near the
big fishing lake. Emily asked where she'd heard this and Claire told her
that she'd overheard a couple of really hairy older guys in town talking
about it at lunchtime, as they were talking one of them mentioned that
there was probably going to be at least three or four hundred people
turning up to the event maybe more and as long as the weather held out it
should be a damned good weekend.

After a moment Emily asked Claire if she was thinking of going to the
party and Claire said `yeah, I guess so' then she asked Emily if she was
interested in going to the party as well to which Emily replied `but we're
only 11, how are going to get into a party like that?' Easy said Claire,
there's loads of places we could sneak into the field and not get caught,
all we need to do is just stay out of the way of the big crowds of people
and enjoy the party for a little while by ourselves.

After thinking about it for a few minutes Emily finally agreed to go to
the party as well, they decided to meet after school and come back here to
Claire's house on the pretence that Emily was spending the night with
Claire again (they were always having sleepovers at each others houses so
it wouldn't be a problem with any of their parents) and then they could
sneak out of the house once everyone was asleep and walk down to the field
and enjoy the party for an hour or so.

After school the following day the two friends met up and went back to
Claire's house, they had dinner and went and played up in Claire's room for
a while and then having had a quick bath together they got into their
pyjamas and got into bed, they knew it'd be a couple of hours before
Claire's parents went to bed so they read for a little bit and then quietly
went over what they were going to do.

At about 11.30pm the house was finally silent, Claire's parents were in
bed asleep and in the distance could be heard the sounds of the party, now
nearly three hours old and pretty much in full swing. The two girls
slipped out of bed and quietly got changed into their school uniforms, they
left their hats and blazers off (these items had the school emblem on) and
with key in hand Claire and Emily snuck downstairs and out of the house.
After walking for about 25 minutes they came to the edge of the field and
after looking carefully they found a small gap in the hedge that they could
squeeze through and as they stood up on the other side of the hedge in a
dark corner of the field they knew they'd done it.

They walked closer to the party but kept out of sight so as not to get
caught, they came upon a big marquee in the middle of the field and from
the sound of all the glass bottles clinking together coming from within
guessed it must be a drinks tent. They looked at each other for a moment
and Claire said she'd quite like something to drink to which Emily replied
`yeah, lemonade or coke or something would be nice'. They decided they'd
try and see if they could get in to the marquee and get a bottle of coke

They walked round to the front of the marquee and not seeing anyone at
the entrance they both walked in and almost immediately all but stopped in
their tracks, as the two young girls looked around there must have been at
least 150 guys in the place but there wasn't another female in sight
anywhere, then they realised that they themselves were being watched as
just about every pair of eyes in the room turned to look at the two
visitors. A shout suddenly went up from somewhere in the middle of the
crowd of `get them!', before they could react within seconds they were both
being carried head high through the crowd by two guys before they were
stood up on some tables in the middle of the marquee, they heard the same
voice shout out again, this time from a bit closer, and the order was
`strip them!'.

The girls were now both naked, their uniforms torn to shreds on the
floor in front of them, and they were desperately trying to cover their
nudity from the hundreds of leering eyes. The voice called out again, this
time to the girls and asked then to tell the crowd their names and how old
they were. At first neither girl could find speak because of the state of
fear and shock they were now both in, then the voice repeated the question
much more forcefully almost screaming the words at the terrified little
girls, Claire managed to squeak out the words `Claire' `Eleven', but Emily
remained frozen and unable to respond, just as the voice started shouting
again Claire found her voice again and spoke for her friend saying `She's
Emily and she's eleven too'.

Claire put her arms round her little friend and as they held onto each
other for some comfort they both started crying their eyes out. They
turned to where they thought the voice was coming from and fell to their
knees and started begging to be allowed to go home, that they didn't mean
to disturb the party and they were sorry, that they didn't want to be hurt
and that they just wanted to leave this horrible place and never come back
ever again.

In response the voice simply and coldly said `Gentlemen, you may

Various hands grabbed at both girls and pinned them on their backs to
the tables with their legs spread as wide as possible, both girls reached
out a hand to the other and they held onto each other as tightly as
possible, suddenly both girls screamed in agony as their virginity was
ripped away forever by a large erect cock, within a couple of minutes each
of the first cocks pulsed and shot a load of cum into the newly deflowered

No sooner had the first two men withdrawn than the next two stepped up
repeating the process of thrusting as hard and fast as possible and
depositing a load of cum in whichever pussy they were filling, this went on
and on and after about the fourth or fifth guy had cum in them some of the
men at the back of each line moved around and started a new line at the
head of each girl where they began raping the girls mouths, everytime a guy
felt teeth on his cock the girl would get a slap on the face, and if one of
the girls tried to spit the cum out of her mouth instead of swallowing it
she would get a face full of piss from one of the guys who had already used

Eventually one guy walked up to the tables with a load of rope in his
arms and the girls were tied down which allowed the guys who had been
holding them down a chance to rape them as well. The girls had stopped
making any noise at this point mainly because of all the hot sticky cum
they'd been forced to swallow and because of all the cock that they'd been
forced to deep throat, but they both still had tears streaming down their
cheeks as they endured their own private hell on earth together and all
throughout their agony they never let go of each others hand.

It had been six hours since the gang-rape of the two girls had started
and in that time they'd been attacked by barely a quarter of the guys at
the party, as word left the marquee of what was going on inside more and
more guys came in to have sex with the girls. The girls were not allowed
to rest at all and if they started to fall asleep they would receive a
punch to their lower belly right about where their uterus would be which
would cause an explosion of cum to erupt from their pussy, this would bring
cheers and howls of laughter from the mob and then the next guy would take
his place between the girls legs and fuck the shit out of her.

Twelve hours into their ordeal and the girls were by now thoroughly
drenched in piss, cum, tears and sweat, they were no longer crying as they
had no tears left to cry but they still held onto each others hand for
comfort and occasionally they looked over at each other and Claire would
always look at Emily as if to apologise for bringing this horrible fate on
them both.

At the end of the first day the girls had been raped either in the pussy
or the mouth by almost every guy at the party, and there had been almost
800 guys there. Both girls pussies were red raw and bleeding despite all
the body fluids that were soaking them and their throats were in no better
condition either, infact each girl had swallowed so much cum by that point
that when they eventually managed to pee it even smelt of stale pissy cum.

It was now Saturday night and with the girls still tied to their tables
all the guys went round again with some doing mouth then pussy and the
others doing pussy then mouth.

By Sunday lunchtime both girls had gone from virgin to having had forced
sex almost 1500 times, they were both physically and mentally broken down
and beaten by the nearly two day gang-rape they had endured and despite
their young years both had finally begun to wish for death to come and take
them away from all the pain and suffering they were feeling.

Then without warning they were cut from the tables and carried outside
into the cool afternoon air, the cruel voice spoke up and congratulated the
two girls for taking so much abuse for so long. Emily looked up and with
the faintest whisper begged for her and her friends life, that they
couldn't take anymore pain and that they just wanted to go home to see
their parents again. So you both want to be free do you, well I can only
let one of you be free now, but the other must stay with us until the very
end, if that is what you want you should decide who stays now'.

The two girls looked at each other and Claire told Emily to go and that
she would stay because she felt she had to make up for all the pain she'd
put them both through, Emily replied that she couldn't leave her friend
alone here with this mob, that she wanted them to leave this place
together. Their deliberation was interrupted by the voice who asked if
they'd made a decision, Claire started to beg for Emily's freedom but was
cut off by Emily stating that if they couldn't leave together now then they
were both staying and would leave together later.

`Oh, you'll be leaving together alright!', `bring them both and the
shredder over to the lake'.

`Right, you've both had so much cock in you I reckon you could park a
bus in your pussies right about now, but to see if I'm right I want you to
take turns sticking your head into your friends gaping cunthole, and as an
incentive to you both if you refuse to do this or anything else asked of
you from now on then you get thrown into the shredder there, and if you
can't get your head into your friends pussy then you'll get thrown into the
shredder, and if any of the guys fucks you and you cry or moan or try to
pull away then you get thrown in the shredder', `Show them what the
shredder can do', at which four guys duly throw a large dead pig into the
shredder which sprayed it out the other end and onto the lake.

`You'd better start NOW!'

Emily went down on Claire first and pulled her friends lips open and
pressed the top of her head against her vagina, slowly she actually managed
to slip her head inside and then as she was buried head first in Claire's
pussy she felt a sharp pain in her ass followed by the sensation of
something thrusting in and out of her, she guessed what was happening and
quickly pulled her head out of Claire, when the guy had dumped his load in
her ass and pulled out of her, she quickly lay down and spread her legs and
holding her pussy open she felt Claire's head slowly but surely slipping
inside her, as she got all the way in she too felt someone fucking her ass
and as she pulled out of Emily she accidentally twisted her bum just enough
that it caused the guy who was fucking her quite a bit of pain.

Claire was immediately grabbed by two other guys who picked her up and
carried her kicking and screaming over to the shredder, as the device was
switched on she looked up and pleaded over and over for her life with all
her heart and then with a last pitiful scream she was thrown in head first.

`You are now going to take every cock here up your ass or you will die
as your friend just did, do you understand slut!'

And then the gang-rape began again, and this time Emily was alone and
had nowhere to go, she then knew what she had to do, and as the tears
started to fall from her eyes again she mustered all the strength she could
find and as the guy in her bumhole pulled himself free of her she bolted
and with a final cry of desperation she threw herself into the still
running shredder.

psychokittyboy wrote:
Lol, you thought you found porn he didn't already have.

Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:58 am
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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.
OH OH, HONZO DOES! But this is waaayyy tl;dr


Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:06 am
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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.

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Fri Jul 31, 2009 9:01 am
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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.
I liked it, not that disgusting though

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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.
Awesome. I knew you wouldn't let me down.


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Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:16 pm
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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.
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Post Re: Fucked up story number 2.
tl;dr getting cokies now.


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All I told him was that he made a loli cry....

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Da fuq Yom, I had a way better pic, but that forum wouldn't let me.

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